Capital share building dish first selection of Lou Pancheng of the off-season no

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Capital share building dish first selection of Lou Pancheng of the off-season not weak appreciation that keep a cost

Draw near 11 golden weeks, capital floor city appears evidence of certain get warm again after a cold spell. Data of statistic of a few orgnaizations shows, suffer loan interest rate to reduce wait for influence of series interest good factor, lower interest before the autograph makes an appointment with a quantity to compare this, one week later day of bridal chamber market all rises about 70% , more odd-numbered days of day of know exactly about sth clinchs a deal the quantity achieves 500 above. Analytic personage points out, the project with stronger sex of the appreciation that keep a cost or will become city of this round of building to clinch a deal the main force in small climax.

From at present market feedback looks, be in building city low fan period outside the factor that the item that still can carry better sale outstanding achievement removes price itself, the situation that the project is in and product quality safeguard are indispensable fight drop element.

Wait for statistic of a few orgnaizations according to Central Plains real estate, divide extremely outside particular, the project value of 3 annulus less than maintains the capital basically relatively stable level, be like Chao Qing board piece, look at road board greatly piece etc particular price is certain in microlitre, show the brand effect of the stability of area building city and delegate project. In addition, traffic the project with convenient, complete form a complete set still is the first selection that consumer buys a house, appreciate at the project of subway along the line latent capacity is approbated by the market.

Reporter from be located in the project of condition of Pearl River emperor that the region visits greatly on the west to understand, clinch a deal in Beijing building city low confuse 7, the look of things of this project sale is good August, and the autograph restricted two groups buy large sheet, involve amount respectively many yuan 6000 mix many yuan 3000. The concerned controller of condition of Pearl River emperor tells a reporter, in the customer that buys emperor condition, repeat buy oneself rate and recommend buy rate is very high, this and project are located area cannot duplicate gender and old brand assure to have immediate concern.

Chen Yanping also is opposite one of sale controller of garden of the lily that protect interest the reporter expresses, although be in capital floor city to sell the condition that lowest confuses to fall, garden of the lily that protect interest is daily also can keep stabler clinch a deal quantity. A few person that buy a house disclose, can lie to the project the subway 9, 4 lines surround date and 7 10 date, 14 lines the orbit traffic advantage in very value.

Promotion of integrated form a complete set is become appreciate safeguard
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