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Big rub, Gao Cheng's share price by a large number of oversell, both ever was in in the share price last week steep fall respectively in the day 44% , 23% .

Swaying in the midst of a raging storm when, protect oneself to beg, magenshidanli hits out everywhere seek outside help, the market comes out for a time bank of its and Waqiaoweiya, beautiful couplet, medium those who cast the orgnaization of global much home such as the company buy intention. Nevertheless, unexpected is, this Zhou Er, couplet of 3 water chestnut day (UFJ) financial group announces to will be bought big rub before the equity of 20% became the message of its strategy alliance to end this, mix of much home orgnaization buy guess.

Pull one hair and use the whole body, big rub headquarters is in an emergency, its are abroad whether will be business also affected, make adjust?

On September 22, " negotiable securities daily " the reporter calls Magenshidanli at this point media chief, he expresses, because the topic is sensitive,him inconvenience publishs a comment, and the information that the company releases external all comes from new York.

Be in China investment impact is not big

Compare Gao Cheng, big rub the estate that favores China especially invests, fund of series of the estate below the banner also is hit in market of estate of domestic high end went all out old.

Since 2003, big rub denounce is gigantic endowment cast develop to square of apartment of type of high-grade office building, hotel, commerce, project etc. The residence of ” of heaven and earth of the first project “ bright and beautiful Lin that afterwards invests in Shanghai after apartment, cooperate every year with domestic company, in succession mouth of home of land of ” of square of hold “ Shanghai, “ (600663, ) the estate assets such as ” of central apartment ” , Xia Dou of “ Mount Hua.

This year in June, all along is not entered only those who go out is big rub hold evaluate of ” of heaven and earth of bright and beautiful Lin sells long “ of 5 years 1.1 billion yuan, and buy with 500 million yuan at that time. ” of heaven and earth of “ bright and beautiful Lin shares boarding house of type of Wu of 90 residences, 106 layette, have the commercial area of 5000 square metre additionally. With ” of “ Shanghai crescent, ” of heaven and earth of “ bright and beautiful Lin also is in charge of letting by Davis of the first peace and tranquility.

On September 24, reporter Xiang Dama confirms whether be if environment place says to will consider to sell, China the estate assets of investment, big rub Zhang Baoling of ministry of enterprise summon for trial says, media says the word of ” of heaven and earth of “ bright and beautiful Lin, we had not said.

As to big rub what to still sell the item, what project did not sell, afore-mentioned personages express to be opposite this cannot buy is judged.
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