New China finance and economics: Chinese estate develops loan or will be pounded

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New China branch of grade of financial condition of finance and economics publishs research report to express yesterday, be in big setting that borrows the crisis to grow in intensity below, the immediate risk that place of course of study of Bank of China faces still is inside the limits that can accuse, but the estate development loan of the bank and retail bank business will be pounded.

New China Chen Songxing of chief inspector of grade of finance and economics expresses, second borrow the crisis only then drop at estate value of the United States, the risk to real-estate loan exposes course of study of Bank of China to also not allow to ignore. Near future housing is sold

Carry out is measured in each big city all appears atrophic posture, the cherish that adds a bank to develop business to estate is borrowed and exhibition period is difficult, will cause its capital catenary to be critical to rupture even, form vicious circle. And estate development business uses tall financial lever to manage normally, indebted rate is high, once insolvent loan, can transfer risk of a huge sum to the bank. Because be given priority to with living oneself,individual housing mortgages loan, and in estate value flying violent wind rises loan volume is limited 2007, won't cause too big effect to banking.

Chen Songxing expresses, below complex and changeful international banking environment, dovish management can yet be regarded as a good progress is politic. This analytic personage is right the “ that at present place of bank of domestic much home carries out mixes course of study to manage ” strategy integratedly to express intense doubt and anxiety.

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