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Development business depreciates new politics roll out wait for 11 ” of “ of the exciting demand that buy a house or inflection point of get warm again after a cold spell of the city that become a building

Skill building supply is added 3 into, guangzhou building city is in sole process all the time since this year, clinch a deal price be issued to lower levels.

11 ” of “ the golden week, many buildings dish move low quoted price considerably, with be realistic to clinch a deal now dimensions is jumped greatly litre. And suffer effect of American banking crisis, our country frequency goes out help city new politics probable exciting housing needs

Beg release.

The personage inside course of study is forecasted, value strategy is sound the building that highlights with product window dish will become market heat, this year of city of building of golden week Guangzhou clinch a deal the quantity may have pick up substantially, and the get warm again after a cold spell of building city also will begin from now on.

Add up to market of rich brilliant circle to study a Li Wenjiang to express, the prophecy that the policy after the Olympic Games turns to has become reality, estate market environment will greet a favourable turn. Lower interest especially policy, in 9 years of in the past, the Central Bank is added for many times breath let buy the home to feel accumulative total pressure, and to buying a house buy the home for, took wait-and-see attitude to did not add interest factor to also let them certainly. Ministry of Central Plains project Huang Tao of vise general manager thinks, the person become loose to buy a house to offerring a room of policy is a good news.

Monitor according to adding up to market of rich brilliant circle to study the ministry is newest, commodity house total supply exceeds Guangzhou during 11 ” of “ this year 40 thousand; Compare 51 ” of “ are added this year become much, than last year 11 ” of “ are added nearly 3 into; Spend among them area supply is the largest, it is a Yu area, white cloud area next.

Money is supplied in these in the quantity, new money is supplied abundant, nevertheless Guangzhou center urban district is added newly supply decrease. By “ of newest statistic whole town total of month of 11 ” gold will roll out new money 23 thousand, among them the urban district 11 thousand, compared to the same period the corresponding period decreased last year 2 into.

Since this year, many downtown buildings dish appreciably adjusts the price to draw the attention that buys the home immediately, even the “ in city of building city ox is solar dish ” also appears again and again. Landed personage thinks, 11 ” of “ gold month each building dish sales promotion strength is increased somewhat, and clinch a deal dynamical general hang on building dish the diversity of the product of oneself, price and demand of the person that satisfy buy industry. If have the building of certain dimensions dish the market situation that sale breakthrough ankyloses, market confidence is expected to return to.
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