Second line develops business " cannon " 10 thousand divisions " agitate bureau

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Second line develops business " cannon " 10 thousand divisions " agitate bureau " estate market

“ estate does not have bubble originally, saying person is much, produced bubble ” , before mid-autumn 10 thousand divisions are in the big boss of Chinese estate delta of the Yangtse River 8 buildings dish depreciate substantially at the same time cause landed bound intense echo, jilin saves part of the Changchun City to develop business to think, this “ breaks 10 thousand families dish of ” be in ” of “ agitate bureau.

National hair changes appoint, investigation of national statistic bureau shows, august, the whole nation 70 big in urban house sale price rises compared to the same period 5.3% , go up than July

Low 1.7 percent, annulus comparing drops 0.1% , sale price of house of the Changchun City rises compared to the same period 4.7% , case of annulus rate of exchange rises 0.7% . The statistic of real estate department of the Changchun City makes clear, this year 1 to August, changchun commodity house registers sale area 3.16 million square metre, grow 2.3% compared to the same period.

Changchun abundant and Yang Shu of landed vise general manager think more, estate is the industry with a district particularly strong sex, of a driveway lie between have very big distinction possibly. Changchun estate development is compared all the time dovish, a few otherer the city has achieved peak value to go downward, the Changchun City still lies go up level, did not reach peak top. But because a few earths produce ” of bureau of business “ agitate, at present also is immersed in sale predicament.

Yang Shu says more, at present Changchun Lou Panzhong, the enterprise of mainland of portion prep above of national grail, these national grail begin to depreciate in a few cities for capital of fast steam again sale. Regard national big development as business, need not plan one city the gain and loss of one ground, but such practice affected 10 thousand families badly however this locality estate the confidence of business, also deepened consumer to hold money to wait for bought wait-and-see psychology, bring about whole industry to be in conservative condition.

General manager Sun Pengrui says real estate of Changchun appropriate home, resemble Changchun such second line city, house price all valence 3300 yuan, estate market does not have what bubble, development business also does not have the ” of “ sudden huge profits in fokelore. The mainland that manages 10 years of above in Changchun develops business, can achieve without a profit 25% . 10 thousand divisions are just as “ to be the first eldest brother ” , took ” of bad head of a “ this, depreciate considerably the conference is crowded break down company of a batch of estate, pound whole industry. Sun Pengrui says, if building of 10 thousand families dish depreciate 20% OK still hold together, so the “ that they allege before this exceeds the profit of 25% not to do ” is a flapdoodle.
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