Office building rents the market goes situation be paid close attention to

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Building city

In the light of have the building city that continues to adjust posture, personage of a lot of market takes the price trend of the near future seriously highly in succession, appear in order to expect in building city before directional choice, move quickly.

   Relevant taxation is added fast considerably fall after a rise

Many market personage expressed when accepting a reporter to interview recently, building city adjusts brings consequence, the near future has begun to appear in the round, concern newest statistic data of the branch according to the country, recently the each finance income related to estate, taxation all take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

Somebody person provided the Ministry of finance to the reporter " revenue income circumstance was analysed August " , this analysis shows, the influence that glides because of sufferring estate to trade, business tax, building makes over value added tax of royalities of land of income tax, town, land and farmland to take up duty add fast all appear considerably fall after a rise.

This analysis shows, the main categories of taxes such as duty of segment of business tax, import, individual income tax was added August fast overall fall after a rise. The duty of business tax base it is traffic carrying trade, bldg. , financeSafeCourse of study of course of study, communication of post and telecommunications, culture sports line of business, entertainment industry, service line of business, make over intangible assets and sale praedial the business income that waits for 9 industries to obtain.

This analysis points out, business tax is added fast considerably the main reason of fall after a rise, it is the anticipation that ceaseless and constrictive monetary policy and resident go low to house price, make estate market is immersed in serious low fan, commodity house clinchs a deal the quantity is quick and atrophic. Area of sale of countrywide commodity house dropped compared to the same period July this year 32.49% , sale all price rises and compared fall after a rise in June 0.34 percent, commodity house sale and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop 30.03% , drop what create real estate business income from this considerably and build installation industry business income to add fast considerably fall after a rise, compare fall after a rise of the corresponding period respectively 73.7 with 14.1 percent. 2 be as the defeat below knuckle section, economy puts delay and size blame to decrease continuously hold pressure to anticipate, shanghai is deep August card of advantageous position of fund of two city stock clinchs a deal the forehead glides quickly, make to it the negotiable securities course of study related height does business income falls considerably compared to the same period 76% , annulus comparing drops 43.7% .

This analysis still says, july the whole nation 70 big in urban house sale price rises compared to the same period 7.0% , than last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 0.5 percent; 1-7 month, area of sale of countrywide commodity house drops compared to the same period 10.8% , than last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period nearly 40 percent. Plus clinched a deal last year price tall look forward to causes cardinal number of the corresponding period bigger, make the building transfers income tax income considerably fall after a rise 635.2 percent.
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