Dan Jing of market of land of Guangzhou office building

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On September 18, guangzhou this year first residence of large-scale sell one's own things uses the land. Do not give expect, flower two plot shedding are patted. Industrial limited company cites Guangzhou grand increase only card, a residence that takes highway of industry of region of bead of go into business successfully with 55 million yuan price uses the land. And the plot of industry of a hotel that is located in college town by Guangdong with 50.72 million yuan price Hua Cheng invests contest of group limited company to get.

Guangzhou this year first residence of large-scale sell one's own things uses the land, only 5 show new development business to share contest value slightly. The ” of landed “ big alligator that took the land wildly last year people seek sign hard at the moment.

Gross area exceeds 230 thousand square metre, be located in a flower the two commodity house south area Aeolus highway uses the land, because of unmanned contest price, flow finally pat. And it is a year ago, pass intense contest price 114 rounds, hong Kong fine China (China) investment limited company just obtained a flower with 206 million yuan a residence uses means of area construction north the ground. This residence uses price of floor of ground amount to square metre of 4598 yuan of / , created a flower region house uses the land the record on history of sell one's own things.

The setting a year ago, today when now already not answer exist.

Another hotel industry that is located in college town has two development business to quote with the ground. According to the regulation, when business quotes, only two development hold spot contest price no longer, and by quote tall person obtain. Accordingly, hua Cheng invests a group with 50.72 million yuan, adversary of price of tower above contest the price of 2 million, contest gets this hotel industry to use the land. Hua Cheng's delegate expresses to the reporter, company do one's best is dovish now, contest casts this hotel industry to use the land, it is the progress that values college town and circumjacent future.

And photograph of plot of logic of new job of sea bead division compares other plot relatively “ is popular ” . The 3 development business of quote, it is Guangzhou grand beneficial respectively limited company of development of 100 million estate of industrial limited company, Guangzhou and Guangzhou pistil appearance limited company. Final, grand profit is industrial lift a card to take this next lot with 55 million yuan only.

“ developed business insanity to take the land last year, not sensible, and the land market of nowadays just returns to reason. ”On subsequently press conference, guangzhou land room is in charge of Huang Wenbo of bureau deputy director general to say so.

Huang Wenbo expresses, development business insanity took the land last year in September, it is error of pair of estate market judgement. The defeat below house price affected catenary of development business capital directly, when taking the land now more careful. But the government won't turn the land bad and less because of the market or do not turn the land. Because estate development has development cycle, do not turn the land now or turn the land less, with respect to the amount shifting money that can reduce future directly, push tall house price.
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