Invest office building strategy: Jiao Diman of of leg of of left-eyed flounder

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Office building, contemporary white-collar work, poineering the 2nd home. As flying development of economy, unplug from inside the city with bristly high-rise ceaselessly the ground and case, crystallize as information age high-tech, office building already more and more in becoming modern city together beautiful beautiful scenery line. As the individual investment or company select office site, investment office building must want to consider the issue of many sided, expert proposal: Should do the homework first before skill sufficient.

   Calculate year of return rate

Before preparation invests office building, should calculate year of this dishes return rate above all, appropriate have investment value. According to the computational principle of company of international major conduct financial transactions, measure value of a property reasonable basic formula is “ year accrual ×15 year = house property buys valence ” . Be like property year accrual ×15 year be more than the money that buy a house, show this project still has investment value.

   Choose an area

Basically originate as a result of the appreciation of house property the appreciation of land, and city advocate of central area land rare be short of a gender stronger, appreciation space is very accordingly large. In the meantime, advocate the area of central area growing sex clearly, area resource advantage is advantaged, it is the place that stream of people, content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding gathers together normally. Say so, whether be located in a city advocate central area, it is the class that measures an office building and the first selection essential factor that whether have investment value.

   Pay attention to class figure

When the individual invests office building, should aim at a client group will invest. As the enterprise, choose the first goal that office building handles official bussiness, often be to promote an enterprise image, many enterprises put the class figure of office building in be next to an area one of main factors. If invest, the proposal chooses the project with those property high class, have relatively stable get one's own back possibly henceforth.

   Pay close attention to character

Because to the company that uses actually, the character of office building is crucial, like the design of convenience degree of traffic, parking lot whether reasonable, property is built the grade that establishs quality of face, construction, old hall and decorate, composition of elevator quality and configuration state, structure is ventilated good etc, accordingly, investor also needs to be compared to afore-mentioned content one by one, and spot observation, on-the-spot experience. If a certain office building is located in out-of-the-way traffic inconvenience, or heavy traffic, that affirmation does not suit investment.
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