Governmental parliament shows cooperative sign

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Plan to persuade congress to come to help through the finance of 700 billion dollar as early as possible, beautiful couplet store chairman Bainake and finance minister Baoersen are in senatorial bank two days early or late one after another give evidence of commission of service of banking of committee, Boule. This Zhou San, the degree that is oppugned from rescuing plan in Boule controversy is less than eve in light of this one phenomenon, although pendent problem still is, but the United States federally with more and more collaboration sign already were shown between congress, united States Congress passes the possibility of this plan to increasing gradually as early as possible.

Bao Ersen calls existence replacement scheme

Because before this plan one day suffers intense doubt in senate, bao Ersen Zhou San is when Boule attest, be asked the deliverance of the Ministry of finance plans to have replacement scheme directly. To this, bao Ersen emphasizes after giving out to reply for certain, what the United States is faced with at present is the crisis of unprecedented, accordingly, he does not hope by appear personally federally, adjust bank capital structure directly, say this is to go up government of 90 time Japan solves the century the method that has used when its banking crisis. Bai Nake also points out, after experiencing bank crisis, japanese economy grows 10 years continuously slow. Bao Ersen thinks, the plan that buys undesirable property with thousands of 100 million dollars by American Ministry of finance will be helpful for fluidity owing the price discovery of beautiful asset, will encourage private capital follow-up then, adjust capital structure to create an opportunity for the bank.

In addition, bao Ersen still expresses, greeting congress is right rescuing plan is carried out undertake supervisory, and plan besides deliverance outside large finance orgnaization, also can be coadjutant agency of community bank, deposit and building loan bank and credit to provide a help.

Analytic personage points out, protect Er dark Zhou San make known his position to mirror instead stronger beg with consciousness, from look on the whole, compare with Zhou Erxiang, congress and government also show clearer cooperative sign.

Nevertheless, because encountered tremendous public opinion criticizes pressure before this, bao Ersen and Bainake are in testimony for many times Bencijin crisis of be in harmony and American family live daily in the unemployment rate of experience rises, break a contact of guaranty house property increases, reach car and student loan difficulty to increase wait for difficult connection to rise.

Pendency is contradictory still acerb

Nevertheless, the effort that because protect Er dark to add up to a government in order to not agree with to aim to raise fund,flows for direction, in expressing clearly to object congress planning in the total saving that is aimed at wall street, bring into aim to help be faced with go bankrupt the regulation with minatory possessory building, go up to reached consistent foreground finally to also cheat a shadow in a certain number of thorny issues between government and congress.
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