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Occurrence inflection point? This is the topic that city of the closest building appears.

Last weekend, the high standards that ministries and commissions establishs related the State Council investigates a group to check estate adjusting control and housing safeguard system to build in Guangzhou jointly, bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land reported the newest data of Guangzhou house price to inspection team: Guangzhou house price fell suddenly in November 1141 yuan / square metre, fall panel height is amounted to 9.9% .

Be in Shenzhen, as secondhand the room trades the volume drops, a lot of owner choose to put lease property, hold money to wait for bought client to also not be eager to buy a house and choosing to rent a house wait-and-see, two trends make the price that rent a house rises the volume rises.

Say normally, house price fell to should be met somebody is bought, but someone says “ buys a room however go up to be not bought drop, ‘ copies bottom ’ to be nodded early now, look to say ” again.  

Buy with do not buy, this still is a problem.

Yesterday (17 days) , the reporter checks group of referred know in reporting data to the State Council from bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land, newest statistic data makes clear, guangzhou skill room clinched a deal November the price appears to drop since this year considerably first, clinched a deal in November all valence is 10433 yuan / square metre, annulus is compared in October 2007 all price falls 1141 yuan / square metre, drop extent 9.9% , only month appears nearly two digit fall it is Guangzhou building city nearly two years unprecedented.

The house price that Guangzhou comes to two years is in ascendant passageway all the time, be in charge of bureau statistic according to room of Guangzhou city land, 10 areas of Guangzhou built commodity house 2006 all valence is 6315 yuan / square metre, rise compared to the same period 24.6%.2007 year Guangzhou house price also is shown rise trend, especially October skill room all valence achieves 11574 yuan / the historical apogee of square metre, rise compared to the same period 81.3% . Bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land points out, enter after November, guangzhou commodity house clinchs a deal actually the price is shown apparently drop posture.

Clinch a deal quantity respect, guangzhou the building city November clinchs a deal the quantity continues to maintain in low a level. According to statistic, 2007 1 to in October, guangzhou skill residence clinchs a deal the acreage is total show drop posture, clinch a deal the area is 7.008 million square metre, dropped 2006 compared to the same period 8.2% . Among them, dropped in October very apparent, from before general of every months of 700 thousand square metre clinch a deal the volume drops five hundred and seventy-seven thousand four hundred square metre, annulus comparing drops 17.9% . Just go skill residence clinched a deal in November the area continues to maintain with identical in October clinch a deal quantity, clinch a deal the area is five hundred and seventy-eight thousand six hundred square metre only, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 41.1% .
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