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A few days ago, much home advocate dozen investment and own duplex hotel type apartment enters town centrally. In the meantime, the project of hotel type apartment that making work invests his 2 flatlet of concept and “ to borrow ” policy to be contacted, after hitting “ residence investment to suffer policy to restrain in succession, hotel type apartment becomes best real estate to invest the catchword of product ” .

2 flatlet of “ borrow policy to become hotel type apartment to invest value to pose the main chance of market of attention, race to control accidentally. Bright red Ling Bo represents director of research center of real estate of ” international commerce so.  

Adjusting control policy makes the blowout before the end of the year of hotel type apartment

“ before this, type apartment hires the hotel not to sell only, for instance country trade boarding house, fine in apartment of central apartment, capital wide center all is give priority to in order to rent, just appear nearly two years to sell the situation of carry out external, its are main the reason is to develop business to take a fancy to Olympic Games market to be opposite the huge demand of this kind of product, but investment objective is returned to the investment value of hotel type apartment not quite be approved, the market is not lukewarm not fire. The place in ” produces Li Wenjie of general manager of China north district to introduce.

Nevertheless, since this year November, hotel type apartment is entered suddenly appear on the market sale upsurge. Come from the statistic of Central Plains real estate to show, since November, already MASTER gets contain, beautiful east square of of great capacity of atrium of private residence of the hotel that press down Ⅱ , Jin Taicheng, nation, world apartment new project rolls out the many hotels type such as CLASS of apartment of international of abstruse international center, all places, Yan Sha, hotel type apartment forms blowout type to enter the phase of city. Apartment of “ hotel type enters town in occurrence blowout of the end of the year, advocate if get,policy of macroscopical adjusting control is affected and benefit of Olympic Games business chance was driven well 2008. ” Li Wenjie explains hotel type apartment centers the phenomenon of city so.

Meanwhile, the reporter discovers in investigation, after apartment of Beijing hotel type entered town centrally November, already had boarding house of many hotels type its the investment sex of the product borrows policy to be contacted with 2 flatlet.

Return rate of investment of conduct propaganda of many projects aggrandizement is higher than the residence

Majority of house of “ hotel type is with commercial project approving, this kind of product does not suffer 2 flatlet to lend the influence of policy. ” always is like annals to just expressed with chief inspector of prosperous group sale. This company is being sold in development beautiful east the hotel type apartment of private residence of the hotel that press down Ⅱ .
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