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Year price of house of Chinese each district goes high quickly, and with of 15% go up reach calendar year most. Face close the end of the year, price of house of and other places of Shenzhen, Guangzhou only then become loose now, the intermediary orgnaization of ” of barometer of city of so-called “ building is exposed to the sun to appear keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort even close down closes, for a short while the acoustical rise from all directions that house price touchs name a person for a particular job of a fall after a rise, abduct to come. Authoritative personage points out, price of house of next year China goes situation be expected hasten is firm, but of inflection point say to fear premature to say.

From the liquidation of land value added tax of the beginning of the year, the State Council to August 7 24 article, and add 5 times of the Central Bank breath, property tax is pilot wait, the benefit sword of price of house of governmental adjusting control moves again and again, but statistic shows, this year November, price of Chinese commodity house rises on average 10.5% , house price rises it is quickly in recent years infrequent.

From 2 3 years since 4 years 00, price of house of commodity of Beijing the city zone by every square metre 5000 yuan of RMBs go up to nowadays every make the same score rice ten thousand and four, rise nearly double. “ this year Beijing commodity house all valence relatively rose last year more than 50% , beijing house price already entered abnormal ” . Speak bluntly of a personage inside course of study. And compare Beijing, price of house of Shenzhen and other places rises this year situation is fiercer.

House price soars because of, analytic personage points to, surplus problem has not get current liquidity fund be solved at all, ” of onrush of this one “ flows into room city, drove house price to rise too quickly directly. In the meantime, come this year area of complete of house of commodity of October whole nation 232 million square metre, the residence sells an area 498 million square metre, complete area is less than the in part that sells an area, the market appears to demand exceeds supply badly.

And since this year, linkage of price of price, house rises posture is more apparent. ” of price of day of development business “ takes ground phenomenon to be performed again and again, appear for many times “ flour is expensive the phenomenon that crosses biscuit ” . This year " Forbes " Chinese plute a list of names posted up is the truth that spoke Chinese estate market not carefully more. The person of husband of garden of green jade laurel that has reserve of land of 45 square kilometer Yang Huiyan, it is China's biggest “ landlord ” not only, more with a year fortune soares centuple speed, become social status to cross the Chinese head of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two rich.
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