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Whole 2007, basic and OK with was bounds September, differentiate to be mixed into big heat rise speed slow down two phase, although be added breath, head pay and loan interest rate mentions advanced bank policy and seventeen hold the limitation that waits for big environment greatly, in September only then Shanghai building city clinchs a deal the quantity decreases apparently, the part buys room demand to be restrained, wait-and-see mood is grumous, but annual of make a comprehensive view, shanghai building city still flourishing, house price and clinch a deal the quantity is shown rise trend. Look into 2008, this kind of wait-and-see mood continues very likely to next year Spring Festival, after March, as governmental situation Anacreontic, the bank puts those who borrow the forehead to spend to relax, believe the market will be walked out of wait-and-see.  

Predict, price of house of Shanghai building town will be certain 2008 in have litre, enter close manage development level steadily.

Since October, although do not have the major policy that affects the market to come on stage, the market somewhat Anacreontic, but also come out without the market policy with good profit meanwhile, specified amount of loan of bank the end of the year spends decrease, tighten up further put borrow exit, the severity that room policy buys outside imposing upper limit is carried out, force the hang back that buy the home directly, make aggravate of the main body that buy a house wait-and-see, stem from even partial landlord ambiguous to market trend state of mind, closing quotation does not sell, bring about source of market main rooms to decrease for a time, buy an optional choose room small, clinch a deal the volume drops naturally. Enter October, this kind of phenomenon enters vicious circle state, clinch a deal the volume goes “ decline ” ceaselessly. Predict, to the front of next year Spring Festival till, the market still can is in digest period, aggravate of phenomenon of domestic rich play chess falls on, become friendship condition to won't have clear improvement.

House price respect, although began to be affected by wait-and-see mood in September, clinch a deal quantity gradually dispirited, but landlord turns over valence phenomenon drop off, house price goes situation is smooth, clinch a deal all valence than did not have August too upheaval.

Predict, afore-mentioned phenomenal duration won't be too long, next year after March, hopeful of Shanghai estate market is walked out of wait-and-see, atmosphere turns warm. Now, the government supports health of prospective estate market to stabilize development, also expect house price has stable and reasonable growth range, the overall direction of prospective estate market is relatively clear, great majority person still city of hopeful building of look upon future, accordingly, with this is depressed tigidity end 2007 demand will be in 2006 got releasing 2008, skill room and secondhand the room clinchs a deal the volume rises synchronism, house price photograph is adjacent to before this year a few months of 25% rise extent, will alleviate somewhat, tend the rise of reasonable stability.
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