Fuzhou will have CIFIT of real estate of commerce of large office building

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On December 15, group of Fujian China day will hold investment of real estate of commerce of “2007 Hua Chen to negotiate in Fuzhou people is old annual meeting ” . By a definite date annual meeting of 45 days, will include investment, negotiate, the respect content such as sale, open quotation.

One shop of “ raises 3 generation, stability of investment business shop, appreciate and investment return rate is higher, business shop also is a kind of investment that Fuzhou person likes all the time. ” a personage inside course of study thinks, the Fuzhou that passes at the beginning of this year " 15 ” construction reachs “ of urban business site to developed a program 2010 " , mean what the government has begun to begin program trade real estate to distributing. Additional, below national policy adjusting control, commercial real estate becomes independent along the street especially shop value protruding shows. After 2006, fuzhou has set when land sale, uptown project can form a complete set a few bazaar of collect Chinese style, because business becomes independent on this market shop general incline to is rare be short of.

Tea-booth of regnant · flourishing age, regnant day China, the heat project of the Fuzhou commerce real estate such as mart of regnant · Jin An will be in appeared on the meeting this second year, regnant day China design of the form opening open with the one independent trader characteristic shop of subterranean of the layer, atrium, also will appear. A business street of this underground is the biggest carry 6.35 meters tall, have the subterranean market of 30000 square metre about. Hua Chen group is engaged in professional commerce real estate developing, will 6 years develop commercial area to amount to 800 thousand square metre. Hua Chen carries on this year channel on the west the bank is the biggest commercial project ——— is regnant tea-booth of · flourishing age, independent trader extends the edge market that develops nearly 1000 meters.

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