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The profession invests guest Laochen to see office building project recently everywhere, center of century of boat of force treasure edifice, country, Hua Minhan honour Chengdu of …… of square of international of international, heart of center of weather government office, abundant is in the high-grade office building of carry out to also was not let off at present. Turn to ” to abrupt “ , laochen tells a reporter meaningfully, investment office building compares shop of investment house, business to want now reliable much, and yield is same very tall.

Old Chen Yu bought the scriptorium of 210 square metre in square of abundant Germany border in April 2006, buying fashionable unit price is every square metre 6400 yuan, threw 1.35 million yuan in all. After making a room, laochen hired clear water scriptorium firm of a science and technology, hire is 12000 yuan / month. That is to say, annual Laochen can receive 144000 yuan, investment return rate was amounted to 11% , do not arrive 10 years but disinvestment. More go up of old Chen Gaoxing is, the property of square of abundant Germany border appreciates now very fast, can sell 7600 yuan now / square metre, this is more fashionable than was being bought last year every square metre went up 1200 yuan, rise in value of asset of face of this property debt 252000 yuan. Old now Chen You is south people wayside settle on country boat century center, at present price is 13000 yuan / square metre, after making a room in June next year, predicting hire can achieve every square metre 120 yuan, yield can be achieved likewise 11% .  

Perhaps cast eye the investment to office building so like Laochen now the stranger is not much still, travel of couplet of Dan Congzhong quantity is newest in light of released market report, the vision that must admire Laochen is original.

On August 2, intermediate of adviser of famous international property measured couplet to issue newest findings report all right, say property of office of the Chengdu City warms up continuously first half of the year this year. Intermediate measures couplet to study a senior analyst to thank approach to say all right, because foreign capital enterprise is garrisoned in great quantities,Chengdu is established handle affairs orgnaization, the hire that brings about office building of the first class inside the Chengdu City rises ceaselessly. At present yield of Chengdu office building already achieved “ 10%~20% , and like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing city of such a gleam of also has 8% only.

Market health investment is dovish

“2002 before New Year hind, market of office building of Chengdu first class begins to start, mixed 2006 entered rapid development phase 2007, market supply is increased, appear a climax. ” a personage inside course of study is described so to the reporter in recent years market of Chengdu town office building.

Center of century of boat of edifice of treasure of big public house of sweet case lira, force, country, Hua Minhan honour square of border of Germany of center of government office of international, weather, abundant, open …… of travel international edifice nearly two years office building of Chengdu first class is supplied present blowout position, as if between one night, office building of Chengdu first class already blossom everywhere. No matter be old name number or new face, these office building are being pushed to the market when, do on ” of “ first class sufficient article.
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