Business of development of lukewarm city office building marchs market of middle

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On December 7, landed development business is in two Wen Zhou A couplet chief of a tribe and local government autograph are made an appointment with, they acquire the land of about 800 thousand square metre with 7 billion yuan of RMBs, will undertake in A couplet chief of a tribe estate is developed.

And this is merely begin. It is reported, before the estate that businessman of another lukewarm city comprises invests an investigation group to also will set out at the near future, go to A couplet chief of a tribe. Lukewarm city businessman already began to march in a large-scale market of middle east real estate.  

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Two projects that this the autograph arranges are located in north of A couplet chief of a tribe pull sheikdom of Si Hai horse. Among them, the permanent droit of on the ” of island of Dan Na of artificial island “ that Zhang Jinyun of chairman of chamber of commerce of Canadian lukewarm city obtained place to be about to fill the sea to build 500 thousand square metre, the autograph makes an appointment with capital to make an appointment with 5 billion yuan of RMBs, basically use build villa and multilayer apartment.

Zhou Jianzhi of land agent of another lukewarm city acquired land of a when pull land of Si Hai horse to go up 300 thousand square metre, denounce endowment makes an appointment with 2 billion yuan of RMBs, the plan develops the travel house property that has Chinese distinguishing feature.

Businessman of these two lukewarm cities is in “ respectively Shanghai and Nanjing have house property project, other country undertakes overseas estate invests, they invest house property in A couplet chief of a tribe is well-prepared. ” facilitates the Asian business affairs that afore-mentioned lukewarm city businessmen invest is defended inspect executive president height to say.

It is early before two months, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad guest of lukewarm city person is in A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to buy in order to make an appointment with 1.5 billion yuan of RMB so that an artificial island uses at estate development,

Then, of government of chief of a tribe of couplet sufferring A invite, a hair investigation group that forms by land agent of home town of 12 lukewarm cities facilitate set out at the beginning of December inspect real estate of A couplet chief of a tribe. Zhang Jinyun is a colonel of hair investigation group.

Divide afore-mentioned two outside, the investor settle on that still one calls Zheng Kelong the Ma Jian of artificial island —— that already filled the sea to end island, he already was in charge of sectional initial with local earth cooperative intent, the plan develops land of 40 thousand square metre in this island.

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