Series of trade of capital office building was investigated 2007

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" The Book of Changes " say: “ end changes, change to be connected, general rule is long. What ” says is a person can think when encountering predicament method is changed, the change just continues to develop likely, just score a success likely. A lot of businesses can not seek standard way at the beginning, do a business same also. 2007, a few business companies that encounter bottleneck on the road of development chose suddenly turn hostile, or the change manages mode, or the change manages fixed position, more very person changed management industry condition. But the suddenly turn hostile of the enterprise is different from Sichuan opera suddenly turn hostile, not be “ changes ” can “ connects ” . On business field, be filled with with be in probably fortunately of the businessman read aloud between, but this reads aloud between however test is worn the businessman's enough commerce wisdom and actual combat experience.

One of incident of suddenly turn hostile

The United States pulls down the nation veil of roc embellish high end

Pull open the tycoon nation beautiful electric equipment that capital business suddenly turn hostile is prelusive 2007 is home appliance retail trade. Last year on September 23, weathy Huang Guangyu has received appropriate home to be located in Ma Dian's site, roll out advocate the —— of electric equipment brand that makes product of high-end electric equipment roc embellish electric equipment. Liu of standing vise general manager flies to Yuan Pengrun electric equipment (guest of Liu Fei rich, liu Fei news, liu Fei says) Ceng Zaikai course of study at the beginning of express, roc embellish the product of 40% sells a coincide with traditional home appliance, the scale of true high end is occupied about 15% , and product of correlation of numerous home appliance and high-grade example show a new window that makes roc profit. But manage not sufficient 100 days, national beautiful electric equipment is not maintained. Last year on December 13, fade of electric equipment of Beijing roc embellish leaves a ring of light of ” of “ high end, official stop business is entered adjust period. At the beginning of this year January, roc embellish electric equipment announces easy name ” of inn of Ma Dianpeng embellish of “ country beauty, branch of Beijing of classify nation beautiful electric equipment. Roc embellish inn emphasizes the pasture of national beautiful horse after suddenly turn hostile only no longer the high-end fixed position of roc embellish times, cover high school low end however product, become store of a of national beautiful electric equipment common door. The road with the although the country is beautiful outspread high end of the group receives block, but the country after suddenly turn hostile is beautiful the corner of Ma Xi ” of the car before inn of Madian roc embellish changes door of “ of roc embellish times, still calculate on successful.
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