Area of Shanghai underground space already exceeded 28 million square metre

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Shanghai citizen defends the office relevant chief says 13 days on a symposium, the “ that subterranean space already became Shanghai city base to build ” of the 2nd space, so far whole town already built subterranean project 23 thousand, total floor area exceeds 28 million square metre. Shanghai still will develop underground further henceforth

The new-style underground space such as room of rubbish of street, collective channel, underground uses a form, the safe use management of subterranean space is strengthened in the round urgently.

Shanghai citizen prevents Sun Xiaobo of office vice director to say, the basis is newest census result, shanghai already built subterranean project at present 23 thousand, total floor area achieves 28.47 million square metre, among them 85% devoted already use, basically have jump over river channel, subway, person stand below travel of travel underground corridor, car hand in, underground stops the public facilities such as the garage and subterranean inn, bazaar to wait.

Shanghai citizen prevents the relevant content that does overall planning of personage cite Shanghai to say, a few years space of Shanghai city underground will have the existing benefit such as square of the subway, channel, underground to use form not only henceforth, still can form rainwater of establishment of gas storage of municipal and many subterranean street, collective channel, large underground, underground to store the form such as transformer substation of room of rubbish of establishment, underground, underground.

The expert that waits for an orgnaization according to be the same as research center of space of aid university underground says, shanghai comes in and go out everyday at present the total person-time of establishment of space of of all kinds underground already exceeded 6 million. Subterranean space is becoming urban person liaison man, shop, the main room of the job and the life such as recreation, meal. Underground is versed in diversification of Cheng industry condition brought insecure element at the same time complication; The air that the management of urban underground space has “ bull to manage ” of unmanned management of ” and “ to coexist again is become or blind area; Consciousness of safety of the person that the development of space of a few underground is used is thin, in safe construction the respect is thrown less. The safe use general management of subterranean space brings into urban safety in the round urgently in the system.

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