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Committee of supervisory management of industry of Chinese people bank, Bank of China allotted afterwards jointly on September 27, 2007 " the announcement that manages about strengthening commerciality estate credit " hind, two branches came on stage jointly again on December 11 " the additional announcement that manages about strengthening commerciality estate credit " . " additional announcement " come on stage solved " announcement " each are big since allotting the bank limits the issue with abhorrent standard to the 2nd flatlet, strengthened " announcement " normative sex and executive strength. This " additional announcement " although just be opposite " announcement " in the complement of ambiguous place and refine, did not add new adjusting control measure, but executive manner and level are more crucial. 21 centuries are praedial the analysis thinks, " additional announcement " come on stage may produce bigger effect to keeping the market that measure a room:

1, increase pair of investment and the inhibition that improve requirement

From the policy of early days executive effect looks, policy really congenial to restraining demand, increased room source supply to have certain effect, room source capacity appears the growth of certain level, and price of house of partial early days has risen fierce city, clinch a deal quantity acute is decreased, house price begins occurrence fall after a rise. But also the city gets policy the influence is finite, it is with Beijing exemple, although invest sexual demand to begin to decrease, room source hangs out his shingle the capacity appears of certain level rise, owner also no longer blind ask a price, but the price did not go now to move, again the bank is put shift executive criterion differ, did not make clinch a deal the quantity gets considerably influence. And " additional announcement " come on stage from severe the criterion that limitted room of the 2nd ring, believe to be able to restrain investment and improvement further demand.

2, aggravating market is wait-and-see atmosphere

Every time new politics the wait-and-see mood that comes on stage to be able to bring integral market, especially since this year as prevent a country 5 times when macroscopical economy overheat brings to impose policy of a series of financial adjusting control such as breath, have certain deterrence to mentally of buyers and sellers, " additional announcement " more clear the governmental concern to financial venture and the determination to adjusting control, believe estate market the winter this year will be a little long. But the owner after experiencing ablution of adjusting control policy many rounds all is capital base relatively rich, not because the meeting is new politics short-term inside the undersell phenomenon that accumulates with respect to meeting occurrence bedding face, “ covers room hibernate ” still can be the main the way to deal with a situation that owner takes, because money of the end of the year is constrictive,also do not exclude partial owner of course be eager to collecting ready money approach, can take more radical course of action, but the main trend that won't make the market, because this price is in short-term inside can not appear considerably fall after a rise.
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