End of the sharpest month carries out detailed rules of the 2nd flatlet

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"End of the sharpest month carries out detailed rules of " of the 2nd flatlet new politics or influence room borrows pattern

Superintendency layer to “ the complement of ” of the 2nd flatlet informs, roily the one pool dead water that room of the end of the year borrows the market. Up to the formal document that the bank on Shanghai still was awaiting a head office yesterday. It is reported, because need to revise original detailed rules, the additional announcement that the Central Bank issues most be about end ability begins to carry out this month.

And the “ of new policy from severe ” degree, let forecast in succession inside course of study meeting room of reshuffle next year borrows the market.

Although the complement of ” of the 2nd flatlet informs “ to already ended, but travel of Shanghai go to work, Construction Bank, medium the bank such as travel expresses generally, want to receive the ability after head office file to be carried out according to new detailed rules. The reporter understands, the detailed rules difference that because superintend the additional announcement of the layer and bank of the part before this,already released is bigger, so the bank must revise detailed rules afresh.

In additional announcement, the intention that tightens up a room to borrow is very apparent. Borrow money accumulation fund especially and already paid off loan to bring into “ ” of the 2nd flatlet holds range, the room that the personage inside course of study thinks so constrictive measure may affect next year shifts business.

The reporter understands, “ has been announced before this the foreign capital bank of detailed rules of ” of the 2nd flatlet “ undertakes cognizance with factitious unit ” . Nevertheless broken bits hit a bank to express yesterday: “ already began to study additional announcement at present, the requirement that notices the basis is revised, make the operation detailed rules related our bank. ”

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