High space-time to be naturalized state office buildings Regal

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Royal View is located in Beijing, Times West Da Wang Road, Chaoyang District, No. 21, CBD Eastern above the Golden Horn, Times Guangqu Royal View south, west, West Da Wang Road, the intersection of two major traffic aorta. Total planning time Regal area of 5.5 million square meters, total construction area of the era Regal 14 million square meters. Is building Metro Line 7, and the planning and construction of the Metro Line 14 east of the intersection in the project, the capital of Guangdong and Guangxi Road Traffic Second aorta, high-end residential gathered in the "Beijing Champs Elysees" West Da Wang Road intersection in the West Project side, a comprehensive transportation network access to large CBD. Project aims to create a giant CBD Eastern commercial carrier, to lead a new consumer concept. As a large commercial center, the project will become a retail business, entertainment, commercial finance, health infirmary for an integrated multi-functional business district, North Cheng Wanda Plaza, commercial prosperity of China Central Place, south of Landscape Man Regal Riviera until Park "Champs Elysees" of the large pool of flow, to create the new East Central CBD hub. The project has created communication space, to foster social harmony, the harmony between man and nature for environmental planning purposes, the relatively limited space in the infinite expansion of fusion may be to shape the city a unique ecological environment of space. With open, bright design techniques, such as three-dimensional green roof garden setting, space and building space of landscape through the penetration of each other to form coherent and orderly layout of the landscape, green system, structured, not only the integrity of creating a green space, but also create a space for diversity, a "window of window, the view, every household has to spend" a high mimicry naturalized space. Senior Project Jinling mainstream products for the modern administrative small mansion, luxury business residence, Variety multi LOFT, international brand forces stores, the business elite leisure club. Imported "New York Rockefeller Plaza" integrated business body, the urban elite meet all office, residential and diverse needs of life.

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