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After more than ten years of careful cultivation, Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong model successfully copied in Shanghai, windy warlords. Hong Kong's strength as a veteran developer, Sun Hung Kai of Hong Kong in Hong Kong to build a successful international financial center, Hong Kong International Commerce Centre and other commercial complex projects even been in the industry that is important to coordinate the commercial real estate in Hong Kong and the classic business case. The two commercial projects in Shanghai, Shanghai International Finance Center, Shanghai ICC same period in the stock market recently has been achieved ahead of schedule full rent. Sun Hung Kai Properties commercial real estate ambitions, is not the only. According to incomplete statistics, Sun Hung Kai to build a large commercial complex has reached seven, well-built "commercial empire" is also the territory of the initial shape. Two projects at the same time the stock market It is understood that the second phase of Shanghai IFC office market of low to some, the short period of time the full rent, high-area pre-leasing has begun, the project is expected to officially put into use in the second quarter of next year. Shanghai ICC are also full of a rented office building. Sun Hung Kai Properties (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., director of leasing, said Wen Zhifeng on the Morning Post, quoted the country's external payment center is 10-12 yuan / square meter / day, mainly tenant-based financial companies. Central Trade Plaza current rental offer for 10-12 yuan / square meter / day, the tenants have legal, consulting, international integrated enterprises. Two major projects within the same time the stock market will result in competition between? Wen Zhifeng said: "Pudong and Puxi different types of tenants, the financial-based Pudong and Puxi are various types of enterprises have, there is no competition between the two." Shanghai IFC is at the heart of Lujiazui, including two Grade A office space, IFC mall, Pudong, The Ritz-Carlton hotel and serviced apartment hotel, with a total area of over 370,000 square meters. Shanghai ICC is located in the Huaihai Road shopping district, close to Huaihai Road (at the same time Nanchang Road and Shaanxi Road, Xiangyang Road encircled), with the Paris spring, Parkson, K. Wah Centre, Xiangyang Park across the street from the relative. The total area of over 32 million square meters, including the Grade A office towers, more than 12 million square meters large comprehensive shopping malls, high-end residential apartments. From Hong Kong to Shanghai Sun Hung Kai Properties beats, from Hong Kong to Shanghai, to achieve a perfect copy of the commercial real estate. Sun Hung Kai Development (China) Limited Ted Tang on the Post reporter, said: "Central Trade Plaza (ICC), International Finance Centre (IFC) are two core brand Sun Hung Kai Properties is a landmark example of commercial success of the project, and Shanghai ICC Shanghai IFC is the two brands in the Mainland and excellent presentation. " IFC in Hong Kong from the top office buildings, shopping malls, Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons serviced apartment hotel together, with a total area of about 47 million square meters, is the premier business and leisure in Hong Kong landmark, world-class facilities, services and business brand everywhere. Shanghai IFC Hong Kong's development has a significant "factor." In format, the same top-level office buildings, shopping centers and hotels and serviced apartments the hotel a strong combination. Two office buildings equipped with the most advanced information technology infrastructure and dual power supply system, the floor with the core tube design, all surrounded with unobstructed view, overlooking the Huangpu River views. In transport, the same metro line with Sun Hung Kai Properties specializes in creating professional experience above the project. IFC Hong Kong MTR station in Hong Kong, Shanghai is adjacent to Yan'an East Road Tunnel, Shopping Centre, second floor split-rail delivery straight line 2, and with the planned rail line to pay 14 Lujiazui Station zero transfer. IFC Shanghai Lujiazui commercial brought back an upgrade. The mall first floor together 25 world-class brand's flagship store, and create a national precedent, of which about half is the first visit into the mainland, the four entered into Shanghai is the first time. Louis Vuitton is among the world's single largest flagship store. Prime managing director of Pacific Investment Management Co. said Remy Chan, Lujiazui is not the lack of high-rise buildings, lack most of the business to pay even the standards, IFC, the stock market will make a qualitative change in Lujiazui, people more willing to Lujiazui consumption, improve business climate and produce interlocking effect. The latest information is that shopping in Shanghai IFC, held recently in 2010, "Asian International Real Estate Awards" (MIPIM Asia) the presentation ceremony, won the 2010 "Best Shopping Centre Award" and "was the Choice Awards" , indicating that recognition by the industry. Heavily coded layout of the Mainland Sun Hung Kai will play in the Mainland to further the advantages of high-end real estate projects, specifically including the two lines, one to increase the development of high-end urban complex, the other is to build high-end residential projects. At present, in Shanghai, IFC and World Trade Plaza, Sun Hung Kai Properties has become the main core business in the next two projects will also bring stability to the company's profits. It is predicted that this type of property leasing and rental income then is expected to reach 2.5 billion. Ted Tang said the mainland will continue to look for quality residential land in major cities to balance the operating property in the Mainland and the proportion of sales on the type of property. Ted Tang, currently a wholly-owned Sun Hung Kai projects in the mainland, operating commercial properties accounted for 60% to 70%, type of residential properties for sale and 30% to 40%. "For Sun Hung Kai, the rental 'of the half-open' model is already quite mature, so in the mainland market out of a hope that the same road. But the mainland office portfolio and residential sales market and Hong Kong not the same, so now is still in feel our way across the river stage. " In terms of selection criteria to enter the city, "Sun Hung Kai Properties is currently being considered only cities with higher investment spending power." Ted Tang pointed out that the type of property for sale, they hope to develop high-end products; commercial property, but also need long-term stability rental yield, the more developed cities in the economy can achieve this target. "Sun Hung Kai about 140 million per year, almost half of the profits from the sale of property, the other half of the rent from commercial property, so the host city of the economically active high demands." Ted Tang stressed. Riverside enter the market next year, the Arc de Triomphe Sun Hung Kai in Shanghai to build high-end residential project is located in Weifang plots. The adjacent block auction and a month ago into the market, this is known as the Arc de Triomphe project Riverside attention again, and there are rumors that prices could more than 200,000 yuan / square meter. In response, Ted Tang Oriental Morning Post in an interview made it clear that Sun Hung Kai had never been intended to sell the public how much money, final pricing will be the reaction from the market. Arch Riverside project opened in mid-2011, and now can not pricing. Public information, Riverside Arc de Triomphe The total floor area of approximately 15.6 million square meters, the 13 top and 24 along the townhouse structure, size from 130 apartments with more than 300 square meters in size, area of 360-500 square meters villa is not and so on, up to 800 square meters for individual units, almost 90% of the unit can see the river view and is equipped with a floor area of 5,000 square meters close to the club. Ted Tang said that adhering to the Sun Hung Kai "Building Homes with Heart," the spirit of respect for Riverside goalkeeper Triumph living habits of local people, sent for first-class design team, the intention to make a high quality residential products. Can now be sure, this modern style of the whole community facilities, services and property management must be close to world-class standards.

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