In city business affairs

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Property name: In city business affairs
Property address: Gansu sea route and Xiang Na of mouth of across of volt ox road 100 meters of roads on the west
What belong to area: Central Plains area
Property runs a company: Henan 6 add up to property management to serve limited company
Building property: Rental
Building type: Office building
Number of plies: 20
Property administration fee: 0 cars: Enough
Central air conditioning: Without employee dining-room: Have
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description: City business affairs is Central Plains area in exclusive edifice of the general quantity that hotel of office building of business affairs of a collect, business affairs is an organic whole business affairs. Created at the beginning the history, fill the blank that Zhengzhou town office building and business affairs hotel do not have union, can lodge to be able to handle official bussiness again already, accomplished the most perfect union of business affairs office and accommodation.
The scriptorium inside the edifice door model diversiform, complete bright space, can satisfy a variety of requirement of business affairs office. The property of hotel type manages, promoted a building dish the class that reachs property service and grade. It is ideal of first-rate of each big, medium, small business office place.
Let hot line: 0371-68698198/68698199

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