Fuhua center

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Property name: Fuhua center
Property address: Road of Chinese redbud hill and east ave to on the west north of 200 meters of roads
What belong to area: Tubal the city zone
Property runs a company: Uncertain
Building property: Rental
Building type: Office building
Brunt door area: Specific examine number of plies of room cause news please: 27
Property administration fee: 0 cars: Have
Central air conditioning: Have employee dining room: Without
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description: Base of property of originality of ”—— of “ Fuhua center, by Zhengzhou blessing development of limited company investment builds China buy line of business, ceng Chenggong has developed course of study of blessing China buy to be located in Qing Feng the ” of village of “ Fu Huayuan south street and sequence of opening of across of road of river of the Huaihe River; The ” of village of “ violet cloud of warehouse street and mouth of prospective highway across; New Zheng Lu and south the project such as ” of village of violet center of “ of mouth of across closing a market. There is good public praise inside course of study.
” of “ Fuhua center is course of study of blessing China buy the another master piece 2005, it is located in east ave 59, mouth of across of road of Chinese redbud hill to on the west north of 200 meters of roads, sit have 27 business group of circle, trade of Chinese redbud hill, too region of core of group of Kang Lu trade, very little earth very little gold, commercial atmosphere is grumous, north faces government of people of tubal the city zone, convenient you deal with all sorts of formalities, there is Hekai of abundant grand garden around the large supermarket such as square of benefit farming life, Yi Chulian flower, there are more than 10 schools around, eastwards 100 meters reach Zhengzhou city namely hospital of the first people, periphery has each financial orgnaization such as big bank, it is course of study of your life, buy, management optimal option.
” of “ Fuhua center with brand-new and compound model OFFICE overturns of traditional office environment manacle! Its building, the originality property base that becomes Zhengzhou future, the idea that satisfies fresh originality enterprise to update acute and compound model the office concept of OFFICE.
Big span prestressing force builds a structure, the layer is 3.2 meters tall, whole office space does not have Liang Mozhu, free space. 90- - 196 smooth rice 7 kinds compound model OFFICE, complete bright show passage. Square of the nearly 3000 office that make the same score rice. Originality of whole world of THE THIRD FLOOR thinks of the library. Car of on underground, ground 290 berth. Elevator of high speed of Germany of the six ministries in feudal China. Get room rate absolute property right, high 70 years.

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