Greenbelt century peak is met

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Property name: Greenbelt century peak is met
Property address: Outer shroud road and mouth of across of numerous meaning road
What belong to area: Zhengdong new developed area
Property runs a company: Property of holy dimension be an official runs limited company
Building property: Rental
Building type: Office building
Brunt door area: Specific examine number of plies of room cause news please: 28
Property administration fee: 5.9 cars: Have
Central air conditioning: Have employee dining room: Have
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description: Peak of greenbelt • century is met Zheng Dongxin area CBD core of head of • of the first station office building, be located in road of outer shroud of business affairs of Zheng Dongxin area CBD and numerous meaning the road is handed in on the west collect place. The project always covers an area of area 4095M2, total floor area makes an appointment with 40 thousand M2, total layer is 28 tall. The collect office building that is greenbelt group development, commerce the high-grade building complex at an organic whole.

The project is located the position rises on the west in the city greets guest highway (former 107 countries) , beijing bead comes east suddenly freeway is connected since freeway, north, the airport reachs south quick way, extend in all directions of it may be said, money way be prosperous. Endless wisdom energy, edge crisscross is like knitted traffic network, the instant collects peak of century of • of greenbelt of CPU In CBD—— to meet. Convenient and smooth capacious traffic space, hold the post of you to gallop freely business affairs heaven and earth.

Introduce the emperor of professional corporation —— that Shanghai is engaged in high-grade Lou Yu the first times managing property of dimension be an official runs limited company, this company is home exclusive the property company that 50 strong hotels of the home and one United States run group Howard Johnson to cooperate.
6 the following 70-100 make the same score rice door model, every set independent coffee, toilet.
Housetop sets helicopter aircraft parking area
Air conditioning of every floor independence
Top layer is tall 6.3 smooth rice, can regard double entry as unit

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