Edifice of CBD world trade

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Property name: Edifice of CBD world trade
Property address: Road of core of business affairs of Zheng Dongxin area CBD and numerous meaning road are handed in collect place
What belong to area: Zhengdong new developed area
Property runs a company: Abstruse garden property manages Zhengzhou limited company
Building property:
Building type: Office building
Brunt door area: Specific examine number of plies of room cause news please: 20
Property administration fee: 0 cars: Abundant
Central air conditioning: Have employee dining room: Have
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description:
Kingdom of business be in harmony will be born here---Unscramble edifice of trade of world of Zheng Dongxin area CBD
Zheng Dongxin area is to be below governmental dominant become a state to build Zhengzhou regional center city and adopted major strategy move. It rises on the west in city highway (former 107 countries) , beijing bead high speed reachs east, suddenly high speed is connected since north, road of high speed annulus reachs south. Be apart from new Zheng International Airport only car Cheng of half hours, be apart from Zhengzhou railway station to make an appointment with 7 kilometers distance. New developed area designs a bank to design gentleman of order of record of expert Hei Chuan to hold a knife to design personally by Japan. He introduces zoology, annular, accrete, metabolic, the advanced city such as district culture develops a concept, the color is distinctive. Protruding shows the trait of water area beautiful city.
Zheng Dong CBD is new developed area not only area of the business affairs central, it also is the area of central business affairs of Zhengzhou city. Program area makes an appointment with 3.45 square kilometer. It is the annular city that builds composition by 60 high levels. Core building is 80 meters highly, outer shroud building is 120 meters highly, it is flourishing and comfortable business street mixes 24 hours between two annulus not nocturnal city. Annular building group among be located have an international exhibition center, henan saves artistic center and the meeting that are as high as 280 meters to postpone the mark sex construction such as guesthouse. Periphery school, wait of high-grade village annulus, the function is perfect, distribution is equitable, humanitarian live, office is all appropriate.
Edifice of CBD world trade is located in road of core of CBD business affairs and numerous meaning road to hand in collect place, north looks at thing canal, be opposite southeast central lake face and central park, core of guard CBD business affairs. Edifice of CBD world trade is CBD core office building of pure business affairs of type of only view scene. Its total floor area is 50 thousand square metre, manage public house area among them 35 thousand square metre.
Current, office building already made work exhaust, still remain to hire office building face to accumulate 8000 more than square metre, every 3, can break up freely. Edifice of CBD world trade shares A, B two, every 80 meters tall, on the ground 20, underground is a garage 2 layers, mutual car 300 or so. 1-3 layer is business shop, enlighten Europe coffee, the famous meal enterprise such as golden hall abalone already was garrisoned. Hotel type chooses lofty hall, extensive great air; In the center of York of former outfit United States air conditioning, statified cent door is metric, place oneself among them, let the replace of your oversight the four seasons; Install 3 water chestnut elevator of Japanese formerly, safe and quick, when you walking comes easily to the view that admire a lake when scene office, of the mood free from worry can be imagined. Group of fire of Shenzhen aviation, restful insurance, god, always the well-known company such as aluminous course of study of group of coal group, white elephant, Shang Qiu has taken the lead in garrisoning edifice of CBD world trade, build the environment of international business affairs that gives maturity, form current Zhengdong new developed area the business affairs community of the strongest battle array. Here, you can take the lead in getting the most accurate the quickest business affairs resource, the company that allows you goes in front of of adversary forever. Edifice of CBD world trade by gold property - close whole course of company of abstruse garden property is done.
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