Always mix international square

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Property name: Always mix international square
Property address: Jin Shuidong road and too travel road is handed in collect place
What belong to area: Zhengdong new developed area
Property runs a company:
Building property: Sell
Building type: Office building
Brunt door area: Specific examine number of plies of room cause news please: 19
Property administration fee: 0 cars: Have
Central air conditioning: Have employee dining room: Have
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description:
Always mix international square, alone the area is as high as 150 thousand square metre namely, scan widely Central Plains, peerless. With class of “ world palace building ” concept is chief source, pick the marrow of business affairs of world high end, always plan to be hotel of collect international brand, world-class with international square establishment of business affairs of luxurious office building, international the building complex body at an organic whole, blend each other and each other noninterference.
Always design with the whole of international square extend with composition of structure of ” of “ I -shaped grandiose, wide the double arc design that amounts to 147 meters makes edifice form gets ready like treat the gigantic naval vessel of hair, canalage of straight face gold, was full of visual shock force, in the Zhengdong new developed area with bristly high-rise, show a different and general cacique temperament, always be sure to become gigantic form of another mark sex with international square.
Building style aspect, always mix international square is shirt-sleeve classic design an element with contemporary architectural, give play is shown, body nature is generated, each part one integrated mass, —— of harbour Li Qianjun with dignified brunet the dry material that hang stone is main area ability, gifted intense visual wallop.
Landscape design is distinct, strewn at random have send, and sex of landscape of give attention to two or morethings and practical, use the design technique that vertical stroke combines to afforest and planar afforest photograph, utmost extends afforest space. Segregation type scanty Lin Lu changes lawn, the characteristic a short simple literacy or artistic creation that installs eyeball of square, local dot with the store that builds body echo, advocate mark of ground of scene of the crystal system of the entrance, water, all with circular arc form perforative for main element, the landscape element such as ground of essay of stage of column of system of integrated organization greenbelt, water, lamp, banner, sculpture, shop, formed as mutual as the building set off, the condition of outer shroud of room of high-grade office division of organic union.
Arc panorama lift and high speed elevator distributing the core that is in an edifice and ministry of 4 alas end, make the view of the motion in the building. Panorama lift can offer superexcellent view scene fortified point for the passenger, in remittent in appreciate beautiful scenery of Zheng Dongxin area, in can eliminating elevator out-of-the-way feel with the depression, additional, its coping still sets lamp of large night scene, will blossom in Zheng Dong's glamorous dim light of night extraordinary splendour.
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