Abundant amounts to a country trade

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Property name: Abundant amounts to a country trade
Property address: Central Plains road 220
What belong to area: Central Plains area
Property runs a company: Property of travel of Zhengzhou intermediate fine runs limited company
Building property: Rental
Building type: Office building
Brunt door area: Specific examine number of plies of room cause news please: 45
Property administration fee: 8 cars: Have
Central air conditioning: Have employee dining room: Have
Network: Have elevator: Have
Property description: Abundant amounts to international trade center to be located in main artery of culture of Zhengzhou city economy- - Central Plains on the west to the road, the concentration that is government organization, bank, hotel the ground, investment goes qualitative very ideal, it is the focus that the foreign trader collects.

Make rich office building of the trade that amount to a country is the 5A intelligence office building with only Central Plains- - “21 century mark builds ” , by elaborate design of world-renowned building Great Master Mr Li Zuyuan, only then built 1995 the end of the year, it is class of Central Plains area highest, establishment the most advanced, function the most perfect, omnibus property project that has international level. The dining-room in including hotel of class of shopping square of office building of intelligence of 5 class A, high-quality goods, 5 stars, Wen Ji reachs international member club to wait for 5 much.

The management of office environment property of the advanced, comfortable, harmonious, security that provides high level for the user is measured by intermediate of “ Hong Kong row (JLW) the property management that full-time of ” of property management limited company offers overall high quality serves, industry of Zhengzhou intermediate fine held water to run limited company on this high starting point, have all-around government to this project.

Because abundant amounts to a country,the high quality scales of trade center and high grade and active service and management attracted numerous domestic and international famous business. Already entered abundant to amount to a country now the transnational corporation of trade has Aikesenmei Si Dakang of riverside of inspire confidence in sb, Xi Menzi, flying benefit, ABB, 3M, UT, ohmic dragon; A few large companies of domestic are like Changsha aluminous course of study of ambitious, Great Wall, east telecommunication of soft share, China, medium iron the company such as 7 bureaus and tide. All live entering make rich the client of the trade that amount to a country has a general character, that is the enterprise has actual strength extremely, pay attention to company image, pay attention to office place to bring its intangible assets and advertisement effect. We will with active, complete government program, promote property value, make you get the biggest redound and optimal service.

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