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November 22, Beijing came a new commercial real estate market, a transaction acquisition. China's first high expenditure and investment in commercial real estate fund acquired the North Australian gold ring Madian Bridge international projects, the transaction or will be this year's North Beijing's largest commercial real estate market, an overall acquisition. Gold Australia International Statistics show that international gold Australian listed companies by the large central enterprises to complete the development of MCC home, located in the North Third Ring Road and the northwest corner of the intersection of Beijing-Tibet Highway, the project total construction area of 140,000 square meters, including 5 apartments Million square meters of office space of approximately 60,000 square meters of property classes, and 2 million square meters of the main commercial. It is understood that some of the high and investment in the acquisition of Australian international office for the gold. This is the only established this year to complete the high and the second in investment in commercial real estate transactions. However, the turnover of the transaction were not disclosed. Su Xin, chairman of the high and investment real estate to the point of view of new media that is on the MCC home City company, is not convenient to disclose the specific amount of unilaterally. Some analysts believe that the acquisition could hit Beijing in 2010 the total price of commercial real estate transaction records, more than before the takeover in Beijing, China Vanke. October 15 this year, Vanke issued a proclamation declaring the 1.15 billion Kerry won the acquisition of center. In fact, with the gold Australian Centre for the North Ring Centre, adjacent to Block B in early 2009 had conducted a full sales, according to data released by developer Capital Land, the then average transaction price of about 23,000 yuan per square meter . If If this price as a reference, gold Australian Centre for the entire sale price of office premises will be at 14 billion yuan. Although Su Xin failure to disclose the acquisition of the transaction amount, but said the Australian international gold fancy two main reasons, first, the location of the project area is better, the future has great prospects for development, "by the favor of Olympic dollars Su, real estate in the region with good development momentum. " It is reported that Kim is in your area Australia International Olympic Circle, the former for the land less difficult to form a business atmosphere. But the Beijing Olympic Games, the region is rising gradually. Currently, the region gathered in the MCC, built, Poly, China Ordnance four large central enterprises and initiative, urban construction, Beijing Jinyu three large state-owned enterprise, Trade Centre, Jimen Qiao and Wang, Olympic Business Park and other commercial real estate development investments total more than 40 billion yuan. The next three years is expected to Office supply about 50 million square meters, has the equivalent of a quarter of CBD. Su Xin said that at present some of the region and the international trade office rents have been flat, mainly due to the OCA the current district office is relatively small, supply and demand is not very stable, but at the same time, it also believes that even in the future A large number of office buildings into the market a year or two, it will not ease the supply and demand and low rent. Meanwhile, Su Xin that the project location and the landscape itself is better, overlooking the Imperial Palace on the project. Su Xin said the project after the acquisition, the same should choose to sell the first few projects, but the shot to complete the project before the first upgrade, and select the appropriate time. Xin Su said the new media to view the property, the current Olympic district has just started, is in development stage, is expected within a year or two the market will gradually mature. Commercial real estate SOHO China in September last year, left after only one year's time, Xin Su own company to take care of their business was "impressive." The end of April 2010, high, and investment to more than 20,000 yuan / square meter price of the overall acquisition Kun Sha Centre II office buildings and other property, and changed its name to the Lufthansa Plaza. This is the year for private capital to do business as a whole acquisition of the property for the first time . Subsequently, the high and investment for the overall design of commercial office properties, set the entry threshold and operating standards, screening and looking for higher quality tenants, and finally with the lease sale. 4 months after the investment will be high and to about 3.5 yuan / square meter average price will be sold in the Lufthansa Plaza. August 29, high and investment, particularly in Shakespeare Square, held a forum for the curtain call, this day, in the last 4 Lufthansa Plaza, Building 3 Story office building into liquidation. SOHO for the left after the establishment of high-and low-key investment Su Xin speaking, be considered in the battle of Shakespeare Square, officially started its reputation in the industry, completed its professional managers from the private equity boss to the career transition. After sold out in Shakespeare Square, Su Xin said, the high and investment has been prepared to take over the next commercial real estate projects, and investment amount would far exceed the Lufthansa Plaza. Su Xin view real estate under the new media of the time said, the acquisition of high international gold Australia took almost two months and investment in other words, starting from the month of 9, Su Xin in busy this single business. It is also the past few months, the mainland's commercial real estate has changed significantly. 10 months later, especially in the housing market affected by the regulation, restriction in the context of a comprehensive, commercial real estate had a cold heat quickly Improved. In contrast, the Beijing market is a serious shortage of supply of commercial projects. CB Richard Ellis commercial real estate in 2010 in a report, the Beijing market until next June before the opening of the office will be no new projects. To the whole Body sold office project, only the current gold Australia International. Kim Yong, general manager of CB Richard Ellis, said China, in 2008, stimulated by the Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing office market, there have been a focus on the supply, because a lot of projects ahead of the Olympics opening. Supply caused by little the past two years . On the other hand, high and investment office of the White Paper survey data show that by the soaring housing market, while the impact of the office market has been relatively cool ,2008-July 2010, a total of 89 office project approved projects, only 26 is a pure office market, the proportion of about 29%. Most of the office projects to the sale of residential projects. Kim Yong believes that in this context, Beijing is expected to commercial real estate prices will continue to rise. CB Richard Ellis report shows office market in Beijing this year and rental prices are rapidly rising trend emerged. Despite the multi-party competition and short-term risk of overheating, but the Su Xin thought that from the current situation, the commercial real estate there is a very large space for development. Su Xin another for the future prospects of the commercial real estate is confident of the reason is that the withdrawal of foreign investment in Shanghai has emerged signs of commercial real estate, such as the release that the company plans to Japan's Mori Building, World Financial Center sold loose News, as well as well-known U.S. group also intends to sell Hans in Lujiazui commercial projects. Faced with this situation, Su Xin, said the departure of foreign capital to domestic enterprises, especially such as high and the investment fund company then set or a good opportunity for hunters. The said withdrawal of foreign investment in Shanghai, the initial signs do Like, and did not spread to Beijing, but China can not be interpreted as foreign investors bearish on the market.

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