Office building invests redound: Should not under 8 %

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Compare with residential photograph, business is thrown normally with property tall, but investment redound is taller also, of course, if choose inadvertent word, the risk is not low also. Accordingly, when choosing office building property must advertent the following:

1. Before the decision invests office building, should go the municipal program that municipal program branch knows this property to be in area, roughly estimation invests return rate. In current market, if year return rate can achieve 8%-10% between, this property is worth investment namely, not worth otherwise.

2. If from development trade department buys office building property, the actual strength that must investigate clear the other side beforehand and this business shop sell license. If be bought two hand office building, except should know place extent outside municipal program, still must its use check fixed number of year. Because the use fixed number of year of office building has 50 years only, this factor must consider when investment.

3. Pay close attention to the utilization rate of office building. Large office building utilization rate is inferior, be in basically 60% the left and right sides. The more high-grade office building, its are communal the space can be jumped over much. For instance area of corridor, passageway, local carry empty space to wait a moment. The addition of these communal areas can establish the image of office building, attract the company that has stronger actual strength to rent a settle or live in a strange place, win bigger get one's own back for investor.

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