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Latter, in residential building market fatigued and weak circumstance falls, office building becomes the heat of house property market. Office building investment is different from general investment pattern, what it pays attention to is its invest redound for a long time. So, how should office building have investment? Some of what skill to have again among them?

Hire do not go out, only can unused

Office building still is a newly emerging things to a lot of investor. The personage inside course of study thinks, office building investment should take a fancy to value of its a sector of an area particularly. Want to pay attention to the development latent capacity of this a sector of an area especially, look to whether more commercial house property will appear in henceforth all round, shop of such as office building, business. In addition, the property that has experience runs a company, also can make investment process save worry not little. Good property company can help owner resolve a lot of trivial issues. Additional, owner is in when signing rental contract, do not sign too long, had better not exceed two years. Many owner think, sign the word of a long-term contract, can accomplish get sth done once and for ever, but this is not a well-advised practice. Because at present the office building market level that rent is,going tall slowly, if sign long-term contract, investor is met cannot enjoy hire to rise brought profit, and the lease that signs likely fixed number of year, can avoid this problem. Of course office building investment also has a risk. The price of office building is for instance higher, and head pay mortgage loan more, need is very accordingly tall head pay ability and strong reimbursement capability. Office building and residence have investment function, but they have disparate property. The core difference between them depends on, the residence is a kind " means of subsistence " , and office building is one kind " manufacturing data " -- , hire when office building when going out, it can unused over, and cannot resemble the house same, can oneself live. Such not only won't produce other profit to be able to spend fund instead.

Investment, should make range of good all directions homework

So, investment office building, what skill is there? Without giving thought to behavior of any a kind of investment, can the risk exists, the personage inside course of study thinks, investor should have been done the following the homework of 4 respects. It is grade chooses to close. Investment office building should note two gale risk, namely grade risk and area risk. Office building market is returned according to the element such as property standard and area feature but farther fractionize. The client can ask according to his when choose the office building to according with a condition is made all-around integrated assessment, include the soft good target of the respect such as a sector of an area, form a complete set that opens cost of diligent, operation and office building itself, property. This has grade difference with respect to the supply and demand that created office building market. The different company posture of meeting and disparate industry matchs the office building of different grade. Additional, the office building of coequal class also wants and the development of circumjacent area and fixed position photograph match. Accordingly, to investor, want the venture of market of avoid office building, be about to understand the client's requirement adequately in the beginning of invest, the area feature of plot, recombine these elements, choose standard grade; To in small investor, the adjustment that experienced residential market period, market opportunity is needed in light of the sense that needs to use reason more. After all the blame reason gain of any markets is high risk, although inside short time its invest return rate to be able to reach ideal level, but not certain however can abiding. 2 it is optional location closes. Optional location is a knowledge, this is indispensable in investing office building process. The personage inside course of study thinks, if use the methodological apply mechanically that residential commodity house invests before this to invest in office building,go up, will let investor be in passive condition likely. Before period of time, general of price of residential commodity house goes up, investor should purchase a property arbitrarily only, cannot pass how to long can win get one's own back. But office building investment is not to basically depend on house price itself to rise however will gain profit, so this kind of attribute decided office building invests shop following business to invest some photographs to resemble. The expert suggests investor can choose to compare ideal in traffic situation, a sector of an area that nears shopping centre again at the same time has investment. Can depend on mature form a complete set because of the office building of this kind of area and be accepted quickly by the market, in the meantime, can lay next good foundations to win stable get one's own back in the future again. 3 it is to choose investment breed to close. Office building investment is not be being collected is dish in basket, to a few property, perhaps look very beautiful, but do not suit investment certainly. More amphibious than living like a few business building, although but business is used also can live, but also be cause of ambiguous of this kind of fixed position, bring about this kind of property to be in the performance of the market that rent is not good. And the office building with clearer to a few fixed position, good prospect, do not miss an opportunity of course. 4 it is to choose property management company to close. If property manages a company to choose proper, this can be bothered not less for investor leave out. When proposal investor is choosing office building, also must undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to property management company. Because be in after this is very long inside period of time, investor should accept the service of this company, at the same time the room that rent also should accept their service, if its do not manage,reach the designated position, will affect the earnings of investor.
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