How to choose office building in Zhengzhou

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More and more investor special attention office building prices, how to select the product with better quality after all when investing office building?

1. The office building investment of what area and appreciate space the biggest

Distributing from district look, zhengzhou office building or main concentration are in wait for area via road of hill of 3 road, Chinese redbud, agriculture road, nevertheless from the closest development posture looks, zheng Dongxin area also will become the main area that office building develops.

2. area position

Area position is very significant, at present main to leasing the area of office building concentration is in the client to wait for area via 3, and the common characteristic of these areas is: Traffic advantage, multichannel bus is passed, and office building is opposite atmosphere of concentration, office is good, and these office building have exterior figure again the characteristic with outstanding, high class.

3. What does public traffic hold in office building investment the position

The traffic position with located office building and convenience rate are very important. If situation of a certain office building is out-of-the-way, traffic inconvenience or heavy traffic, that affirmation does not suit investment.

Like office building periphery traffic circuitry develops, the price appropriate, that can invest. Divide in addition, the parking space that office building place has how many, very important also.

4. Office building layer reachs establishment of elevator capacity, amount, circumjacent form a complete set high

In how many of amount of the elevator inside high-level scriptorium, the advantage when the decision commutes is spent reach jam to spend, whether to when elevator capacity decides carry goods, facilitate and how many what hold a person. As to circumjacent form a complete set, more important.

When the choice invests a certain office building, must careful inspect establishment of circumjacent form a complete set, wait like bank, shop, meal, apartment all ready.

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