What kind of office building can call first class office building?

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Make work in real estate of sundry office building commerce Lou Shuzhong, the commonnest be afraid even if " 5A class " , " class exceeding 5A " and " first class " this two a few words, market development business wishs any has vitreous act wall, height to exceed 10 high-level building to call 5A class office building, everybody does not want basically to believe. So after all what kind of office building is first class office building?

The standard of first class office building, presiding analysis engineers this net division Li Jianping thinks this should have a few such index:

One, intelligence influences an index;
2, decorate an index;
3, public facilities index;
4, air conditioning, elevator and dynamical index;
5, figure index;
6, business is used point to;
7, public safety points to count.

Satisfied above all requirements can call first class office building. Make with respect to these 7 indexes now elaborate in detail.

One, intelligence influences an index. The intelligence here influences an index is everybody the 5A with hep place, elaborate as follows in detail:

() , system of automation of Lou Yu equipment (BA)

System of automation of floor space equipment, can mix to equipment of the Plumbing and Drainage of entire building, refrigeration, power supply system elevator, automatic staircase has surveillance and control.
With condition surveillance is given priority to, control is opened stop for complementary.

1, air conditioning from control a system
2, offer catchment to control a system oneself
3, change distribution monitoring system
4, elevator monitoring system
(2) , safe be on guard system (SA)

1, closed circuit monitoring system: First subterranean garage passageway, hall sets chromatic scorch to take cloud stage camera. The place setting such as box of litter of each passageway inside the building, elevator is fixed and black and white focus camera. Setting of the corridor inside office building is fixed and black and white focus camera; Underground jockeys camera of scorch of stage of black leucorrhoea cloud is set inside the library.

2, guard against theft calls the police system: Main passageway sets office building door lock of door magnetism switch, electron, read card implement.

3, system of parking lot management: In-house car is used special jockey card, exterior car is used give ticket machine way temporarily.

(3) , communication automation system (CA)

1, integrated wiring system: Integrated wiring supports phone system and computer network system, it is platform of network of an open sex. Indoor laid wears floor of chamfer of line of empty floor, ground, network. The designing institute finishs dry Lu Fu to set. Offer the integrated wiring highway that is a foundation with 5 kinds of lines.
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