It is OK that lessor does not accept hire drawing

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Many client incoming telegram seeks advice:

After signing the contract that rent as tenant and building lessor, lessor puts forward to raise rent, if do not agree with afraid lessor,remove rent or did not pay with tenant after rejection chummage or defer pays hire to remove for reason the contract that rent. Excuse me, how should do?

Answer: Our country " contract law " provision of section of the 77th 1 : "Party talks things over consistent, can change a contract. " lessor can put forward to raise rent, tenant agrees, can change a provision. The 8th sets: "The contract that establishs lawfully, have legal sanction to party. Party ought to fulfil his obligation according to the agreement, do sth without authorization is changed or must not remove contract. The contract that establishs lawfully gets legal protection. " provision of section of the 101st 1 : "Creditor rejects to suffer without warrant get, bring about what fulfill debt hard, debtor is OK the content drawing mark. " comfortable the content of the mark at drawing, include certificate of money, negotiable securities, bill, bill of lading, right, valuable to wait. " law of notarization of People's Republic of China " the 12nd the 2nd regulation: "According to natural person, legal person the application of other perhaps organization, the notary organization can handle following thing: ... (2) drawing. "

You can offer application to building seat notary organization. After the hire drawing that tenant pays according to renting a contract to will answer, hire is lessor all. Accrual is lessor during drawing all, drawing charge is assumed by the lessor that serves as creditor. After drawing, tenant should inform lessor fulfils contract obligation in time, lessor cannot not pay with tenant the contract removes for hire.

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