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The not lucky construction that geomantic place says, basically be to show a few kinds are like chimney, toilet, byre, stable, funeral parlour, hospital to wait a few make the person feels psychological unwell is built easily. These buildings, or it is black smoke billow, or it is bad smell smokes a day, or it is to cry wail, or it is ill chant. By these news that not lucky building brings, geomantic inspect for fierce gas.
If let the door of the shop forward not lucky build and leave, those bad smell, cry wail, the fierce gas of ill chant can be swept across and come. Run some of day miscellaneous small articles of daily use is passable, if run food, open inn, it is deadbeat comes less necessarily, the passenger is exiguous. And, to operator, often lie in such environment, also can create spirit depressed, the heart is enraged not free, the person that weigh even, return meeting catch a disease to become pain, business fails a person to die.
Sit south the Northern Dynasties storefront
Geomantic choosing this world curtilage base when location, do one's best sits south the Northern Dynasties, its purpose is to avoid of the summer insolate and hiemal cold wind. Be in business the choice of the address, need to consider to avoid as much insolation and cold wind. So, best still also sit south the Northern Dynasties, take namely south to.
The storefront of your person be agitated
As be in business the store that property uses, undertaking year a lunar fine long hair year a need when the activity guard a gate to be opened entirely. If inn door is day thing,leave, so, in the summer, sunshine can arrive from the morning towards evening, arrive through inn door illuminate inside inn. Summertime sunshine is burning, geomantic regard this as evil spirit energy of life. This one evil spirit gas is adverse to the management activity of the shop. Evil spirit gas enters what be disturbed inside inn above all is counterjumper. Counterjumper is in of burning sun insolate under, the mouth does glossal dry, the head risks Venus, systemic kubla khah, maintain good mood very hard. Counterjumper job mood is low, or content of sunshade of ask for it, or although enjoy the cool, or electric fan air conditioning is blown suddenly, at the counterjumper below such circumstances, be agitated of sure internal heat, also be opposite with respect to certainly will consequently the customer that the person that be in business treats god is dealt with simply, even maul. Such-and-such, also do not talk to go up of course do business.
Lucky implied meaning
The choice is in business address, the element of the consideration still has a lot of. For instance somebody considers to choose to contain the market name of lucky meaning, perhaps choose to be able to bring lucky doorplate number to oneself, will serve as the address of shop. Such choice, besides the effect that can give the person that be in business and client to be comforted with some kind in mentally, still have geomantic the meaning that learns to go up.
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