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Hire of hotel type apartment one branch alone show

The newest research report that according to Gao Li international issues shows, in the past in 3 months, beijing a person of extraordinary powers curtilage of the market hire valence on average to fall to every square metre 20.5 dollars, achieve from 2000 up to now nadir. But the hire of apartment of service of high-grade hotel type does not fall to rise instead.

A person of extraordinary powers that causes Beijing curtilage the reason that average rent drops substantially is, high-grade apartment and villa are Beijing heats up the project that join a few years all the time, because new project supply rises very quickly, old project has not been digested completely by the market, make thereby a person of extraordinary powers of Beijing curtilage market competition is very intense.

At the same time the personage inside course of study is forecasted, will for a long time look, hotel type apartment is supplied very will finite, the price should not fall.

Hotel type apartment, meaning for " the service of hotel type, the management of apartment type " , it is to be in the Asia is arisen, expand then build pattern new-styly to a kind of the whole world or say to manage configuration. Hotel type apartment absorbed the service function of astral class hotel and administrative pattern already, absorbed the characteristic of information age office building again, a variety of functions such as place of collect residence, hotel, meeting at an organic whole.

I tell everybody the circumstance that how drops greatly curtilage in other a person of extraordinary powers falls today, invest hotel type apartment, do a building city to invest ace.

How to invest hotel type apartment

Hotel type serves apartment to hold the advantage that has traditional hotel and boarding house concurrently. They are located in center of mature business affairs mostly, foreign enterprise and foreign nationality personnel collect going from place to place region, the establishment of service form a complete set all round is perfect. Apartment itself is none inferior on establishment of hardware form a complete set, resident hold the bag can set his mind at inside; Its serve also more the family is changed, the hotel property that retains major runs a company or company of management of hotel type apartment is entered be stationed in management, those who offer place of average boarding house to do not have is paid business affairs serves, if take place of peddling Wu activity,need print, the service such as the fax. Because it absorbed the good qualities of traditional hotel and traditional apartment, and the month is hired with all sorts of services cost is added get lesser than traditional hotel together much. Accordingly, have the other place that gets job is in Beijing and personage of foreign nationality business affairs favor.

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