How does office building rent a contract to sign?

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Some trade centre undertakes office building lets external, the person of a company will the inquiry hires valence and express intended bear hire 300 square metre, in the intent book that trade centre gives this the company, the area that introduced this company to hire unit of purpose, lease, hire, pay administration fee of method, property, avoid lease, cash pledge, hire an area to turn over the condition such as the state, say intent book is effective inside 10 days. If this company agrees, want to affirm in the affix one's seal inside 10 days, be regarded as to cancel otherwise. If need to enquire or be clear about,understand afore-mentioned provisions, contact in time with my company please.

The following day, this company namely affix one's seal affirms, express to be accepted completely, fax informed trade centre. Did not think of to also cannot get echo again. The 7th day, this company knowledge just was hired another firm to trade centre, and the evening that this company compares former connection is gotten much. This company thinks oneself and trade centre had reached the contract that rent, trade centre how can again building lease? And trade centre thinks however, oneself and this company did not decide a contract, rent the building others does not have a fault, both sides because this difference is very big.

Review analyse " contract law " thirteenth regulation: Party concludes contract, adopt should make an appointment with, affirmatory means. If party should be made an appointment with bilaterally, acceptance all lawful and effective, the contract when affirmatory become effective holds water. So the key of afore-mentioned dispute depends on, trade centre and arranged a company to whether be used should make an appointment with effectively legally with affirmatory means. If so, criterion trade centre and arranged a company to had decided the building rents a contract, trade centre is additional rent the building other is incorrect. Conversely, exist without the contract at all between both sides, trade centre has authority to rent the building other.

Say to want to make an appointment with first, " contract law " the 14th regulation: Should be to hope to conclude with other the meaning of the contract expresses about, this meaning expresses to ought to accord with following regulation: (one) content is specific and affirmatory; (2) make clear endure should arrange person commitment, want to make an appointment with a person to suffer this meaning to express to restrain namely. Whether is the intent book that trade centre sends to this company place to want to make an appointment with? I think that I cannot be want to make an appointment with. Because its content is not specific and affirmatory, say in intent book: If need to enquire or be clear about,understand afore-mentioned provisions, contact in time with my company please, this is meant, if this company wants, return the content that can understand other unit, also can undertake argy-bargy with respect to this unit, of course trade centre may be a price, but not cloggy right of this company exercise. Trade centre calls intent book oneself explicitly in the fax, showing content is alterable, at least in principle is alterable, do not have sanction consequently.
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