Intermediate measures couplet travel: The opportunity decides success or failure

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The choice undertakes in the period of time that is helpful for tenement lease negotiation can reduce the cost that rent significantly.

The wave motion of market of Asian office building is office building tenement to choose lease opportune moment according to market cycle, saved the cost that rent to create auspicious opportunity considerably. The white paper that according to intermediate near future of the travel that measure couplet issues " the opportunity selects everything -- make in ascendant market effective and decision-making " medium introduction, tenement must be apt to is added use market cycle, choose the opportune moment of relet and clause of careful negotiation lease, in order to harvest most golden eggs.

Discuss hire and negotiation lease through choosing to be helpful for the period of time of tenement in hire cycle, tenement can reduce the totle drilling cost that rent significantly. Current, market of all Asia office building all lies the ascendant phase of hire cycle. 2006, the level of office building hire of all staple market anticipates will show growth tendency, and the hire level of certain market will be in in the near future in rise continuously. In the market environment of boom, the rise of office building hire constituted special challenge when negotiation hire for tenement.

The office building market that considers an Asia is periodic normally short at the United States, Europe and Australia, level of office building hire presents an extreme to go in the wave motion in Asian market situation. For example, hong Kong (in annulus) the average rent of first class office building rose 2004 53% , and 2005 promote further again first half of the year 45% . Rental in the office building of average first class of Hong Kong 20, 000 square foot the office, tenement is in a lieutenant general of groovy 3 years of lease is additional defray the hire of 1.6 million dollar. Because of this, understanding is mixed at present the market condition henceforth, no matter initiative to tenement negotiation hire is mixed,discuss relet hire to all have important sense.

Anticipate in office building hire the city that will rise 5 years continuously henceforth is medium, tenement should finish relet as soon as possible, consider to adopt the strategy that decides hire level in the lock in walking along tall cycle. Go up in hire a the biggest Tokyo, head Er, Singapore and Bangkok, tenement is sure to take action quickly. Lv of tenement take an examination is in 2006-2007 year a market that take action include Jakarta and Beijing.

Chief of representative of tenant of Shanghai of travel of intermediate quantity couplet Mr Han Ruijie (Greg Hyland) express: "Be in Shanghai, the office building market of Puxi and Pudong is in a few years of in the past advantageous to owner. 2005, the office building hire of Puxi and Pudong grew respectively 27% with 23% . Future comes two years 2007, hire level anticipates what will still keep rapid to rise impetus, grow as a result of what supply subsequently, the ascendant level of hire will be in 2008-2009 year put delay. 2008-2009 year the addition as a result of new supply, can be the good time of tenement renegotiate lease or relet. Meanwhile, be about to be in to lease 2006-2007 year due tenement, lv of take an examination begins lease to negotiate as early as possible and strive for in 2008/2009 year lease expires or join 2008/2009 to negotiate afresh the clause of hire. "
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