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Will tell as an investor, how can nature of investment office building keep problem of value rise in value considering office building, can this building still maintain present hire level after 10 years? But current fact is the method that does not have a kind of any safeguard. And this one policy is short of break affect even: "So now the investment issue of office building is not the problem that is worth undeserved investment any more, however an issue that can invest. "

Devalue to how preventing office building problem, " business affairs estate " magazine and search room net were held together " office building property safeguards forum " , invite business of expert, development to discuss this to concern office building investor together the topic of personal interest.

Sponsor: " business affairs estate " net of magazine, search room

Spot direct seeding: Big China office building net

Time: On June 1, 2006 (on Thursday) 13: 00- - 14: 30

Place: Beijing founds a state the ave inside the door B of 8 square of the grain in date 407 rooms (between search room direct seeding)

Compere: Net of shop of business of Dou Weikai big China, " big China business is spread " magazine editor

Big China office building net, " big China office building " magazine editor

Invite a honored guest:

General manager of Beijing of the first peace and tranquility piece restful

North wind of Xu of chairman of chamber of commerce of Beijing property management

Beijing is amounted to civil (medium bay) vise general manager of property management limited company Dou Yong annals

▲ is forum memoir below:

Compere: Each netizen everybody good afternoon! Thank everybody to pay close attention to us to safeguard forum about overgrown with weeds of office building property very much, about how avoiding the problem that office building devalues. Today our forum is to mix magazine of business affairs real estate is joint, we were honoured to ask 3 honored guests today: Zhang Ping of general manager of Beijing of the first peace and tranquility installs a gentleman, beijing property manages chairman of chamber of commerce Mr Xu Beifeng, beijing is amounted to civil (in bay) gentleman of annals of brave of antrum of vise general manager of property management limited company.

Compere: If we are discussed today, the problem is to be aimed at the problem that how avoids office building to devalue to undertake delibrate, the client attention that I believe this problem to have investment intention to office building is spent taller. We ask Xu Zong to do an opening remarks above all below, how to introduce you to understand office building to safeguard with devalue the relation between?

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