The set up shop in office building should have concentration effect

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A few days since " the set up shop in office building " the attention that this originality caused numerous reader, reader in succession incoming telegram, the hope knows to be returned in office building accumulate containing what business chance. At this point we ask an expert to do understanding to read.

This period expert: Fujian division teachs Lin Shanlang via the court greatly

Expert proposal
Had better can have concentration effect

Clothing store opens in office building best can have concentration effect, that is to say store of a few clothing is in set up shop of same layer building, the disappear give a lot of care that accords with people quite so manages. As long as be to accord with characteristic of office building crowd, for instance books records, life does general articles for use, handicraft, can enter be stationed in office building.

The client is investigated indispensable

Want to open clothing store in office building, be aimed at the brand with right consumer preference is crucial. The crowd in office building is secured quite relatively, it is clear that merchant must investigate the administrative levels of the office worker in this office building must investigate the administrative levels of the office worker in this office building first when set up shop, will decide to sell specific brand thereby.

Material benefit increases competition advantage

Discharge of the guest in office building is finite, so the price wants opposite material benefit some ability is attracted later guest. to edge street shop, the hire in office building will be cheaper, can decide a bit lowlier on the price so, gain price competition advantage thereby.
Duplicate popularize

1 . Siesta time room
Market demand: Bend over to sleep on the desk when noon break, shrink to sleep on deck chair, bench goes all out rise sleep, how be not a patch on sleeps on the bed.

2. Beauty parlour
Market demand: White-collar female is taking the advantage of noon break to make a face film, already can hairdressing also can take a rest; Issued a class to have vital date, wash a face to beauty parlour, fill fill makeup, at a draught radiant.

3. Gymnastical house
Market demand: The man likes to use noon break to reach gymnastical house easy easy bones and muscles.

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