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Commercial real estate by the purchase of capital so popular With the regulation of secondary property market in-depth implementation throughout the country, currently has 14 provinces and cities begin the purchase of the policy, the purchase of the wind intensified. Sluggish housing market transactions, the North, the, deep, wide trading volume continued to the next Or, the maximum decrease reached 30% compared to September. However, just when the bleak housing market, commercial real estate is fast, and prices in vogue, especially in the second half a month after the time control the Beijing office of individual Rate of increase in the price of the project has reached 35.2%. Restriction that limited the business of residential loose With the September CPI reached a historical high of 3.6%, the impact of negative interest rates even more times to show people. Although the October 19 start raising interest rates the central bank, but for the rich class, still utterly inadequate. Select the new investment Ways to reduce the capital loss of capital has become most concerned about their topic. The purchase of a regulation of the subject content of the secondary, for the wealthy class, the restriction causes them to be very difficult to re-investment in residential areas, so many people are starting to shift attention to the commercial real estate. Relative to residential Market, commercial real estate loans has not been increased the number and impact of the down payment. Zhang has always wanted to take advantage of the current housing market downturn, a house with bargain-hunting investment products, but with the implementation of regulation of secondary property market, after buying several sets of real estate can curve the road has been blocked, It had to look to commercial real estate. But let Mr. Zhang depressed, a short two weeks time, he saw in a commercial project, prices have risen by 10%. Such as Mr. Zhang met the situation of commercial real estate investors a few price increases. The first half of October, Beijing, nearly 500 commercial real estate market in the sale of the lease active projects (offices, shops), a total of 21 commercial items The purpose of a change in rental prices, the highest price reached a 35.32% increase, of which 18 projects prices. Journalists access to statistical data showed that third-quarter consolidated commercial projects in Beijing fluctuations in rental offer, in the third quarter of 3 months, each month the project were quoted up 26, 28, 31, and into October Copies, the impact of regulation by the second, the first half of commercial projects have increased the price of 18, price momentum in the third quarter was stronger than the general market situation. Jones Lang LaSalle Qin Xiaomei, head of research told reporters, not only in terms of commercial real estate prices rose sharply recently appeared in the office rent, starting from January this year, there have continued to rise. As The end of September, the Beijing Grade A office rental prices have risen 16%, the fourth quarter of this year is expected to return to pre- crisis peak of the highest rents. Strong rise of the emerging regional Press survey found that the rise in the current round of commercial real estate process, some new areas play an important role in the rate of increase and the supply of new disk ahead in the mature CBD and Financial Street areas. Qin Xiaomei said that the current regional CBD and the Financial Street, basically no new supply, the regional market is already mature. The other hand, some emerging regions, the relatively abundant supply in the next period of time will continue to suck Cited manufacturing, logistics, aviation and other emerging industrial cluster. "There is no single-family office project? As long as the Wuhuanyinei, 3000 square meters of the project." Recently, the press office project consulting more and more friends, and attention is no longer confined to traditional areas . With the metro, suburban railway lines gradually open, south of Beijing city and suburban areas of potential investment value of office space is emerging. In the statistics of the monthly rise standings, from Daxing, Shunyi, and other areas in Fengtai Sales office to show strong momentum of rise. At the same time, it is worth noting that, recently on the East Dam North will play a high-end business district, the largest commercial real estate industry news into the hot topic. According to preliminary plans, Dongba, Chaoyang District, will be the construction of the city's largest district High-end business functional areas - the North East Dam. The business district will set the high-end business and entertainment, business office and the headquarters of the international exchange of services in one area after the completion of 6.2 square kilometers, equivalent to the enlarged scale of the North Beijing CBD, which commercial building area of about 500 million square meters.

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