Landed group public figure denies the whole nation to depreciate wet

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Landed group public figure denies the whole nation to depreciate tide predicts to will be adjusted continuously

The “ that faces a few large development to business depreciates in succession and be caused depreciates wet ” is talked, expert of partial real estate is not approbated. The Chinese estate that holding last weekend tastes card value to study achievement news briefing to go up, zhu Zhong of vice-chairman of association of Chinese real estate one, Kong Qingping of chairman of bureau of Chinese abroad trustee and management of institute of enterprise of research center of development of the State Council learn the person such as doctoral Zhang Zhengjun to express, depreciating is behavior of estate company oneself only, with respect to the whole nation character, be indifferent to “ to depreciate at present wet ” . Face a part to develop enterprise of business follow bibcock to depreciate, zhu Zhong thinks this “ is ” of enterprise oneself behavior only, “ because the price of estate is by development business and consumer talk things over affirmatory. He says ” .

Zhu Zhong points out further, that share building that actually 10 thousand divisions of “ depreciate is belonged to slow-moving a few in small family, occupy its portion is very small, not be so called big range, depreciate substantially. ”

To this, kong Qingping also expresses, different company works style each are not identical, a few companies depreciate actively is enterprise oneself behavior merely. Kong Qingping points out, estate market is regional very strong, must “ ” of a city analyses a city alone, simple and the alleged national “ of character depreciates wet ” is not quite rational.

Kong Qingping points out at the same time, bubble of alleged to Chinese real-estate industry “ talks ” also cannot treat as the same. For instance “ the high grade property of a sector of an area of the core of city of an internationalization center, it is to have stronger fight drop of ability, but in its periphery further place is fought drop ability is very poor. Be in Beijing for instance, you ask me to be able to drop beyond 5 annulus, I can be told with you drop probably. He says ” .

Zhang Zhengjun expresses a little anxiously however, 10 thousand divisions depreciate act is to build the base that judges to the market of whole industry in 10 thousand divisions, 10 thousand divisions of together with “ are house property bibcock, its a few competition are so politic, may be compared intense attention, may affect follow the lead of of other house look forward to then. ” does not pass, zhang Zhengjun also points out, depreciating is a short-term effect only, and according to market theory: Short-term trend, short-term wave motion can be operated, but in go for a long time situation can not operate.
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