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The near future, rosary is villatic one, 2 period partial property, guaranty gives Beijing of Chinese agriculture bank subbranch of a bank of Chang Ping area; And Oriental silver also be located in east the city zone east straight door Wai Street 48 commerce 04, and guaranty of area of property of partial office building gave the bank that collect abundant (China) branch of limited company Tianjin.

In fact, the way that takes hold property guaranty to give a bank is not rarely seen. Mortgage loan can be thrown to the project that is badly in need of capital on one hand, enlarge the capacity that lays in land likely still when the industry is stagnant on the other hand. The metropolis when a lot of Hong Kong develop business early days retains a few property, encounter financing is taken when Xiong Fu.

“ but, this year devalue a bit serious. In-house personage says afore-mentioned ” banks.

This personage discloses, when development business talks about guaranty to borrow money with the bank again, express clearly to think estate assets can devalue. And actually, loan price basically is opposite according to the bank the manner of the risk, devalue the serious report bank of degree is put at the same time borrow at the same time nerve stretchs tight closely. It is example with rosary, it is according to rosary circumjacent villa undertakes prepping according to assessment namely, be being evaluated normally is to use market method, evaluating a standard basically is the basis evaluates a report, guaranty condition is reach the building on the ground with land.

But be affected as what property assets is fluctuated by estate and devalue, the fund that can show for changing in development business hand is less and less also, this also quickened development business to change to be smoked now escape the pace of building city.

The facts one wishes to hide of guaranty

The reporter understands, guaranty still faces the risk that making work to the property of the bank. Came out recently, shanghai Pudong big Hua Jinxiu because 150 houses of China city are broken for be being closed down by the court. These 150 Fang Yuanshang that are closed down not open quotation, had been given a bank by development business guaranty.

Development business discloses, one is opened to booking there often are hundreds of units below card, a few among them are pushed only when pushing carry out, the rest unit and its idle are put in that, as first guaranty of go off with is covered to the bank now, sign is seen again when waiting to shift money next time one part. The unit that should buy in the client when the sale only is not mortgage status, won't have what problem.

The property value that original mortgage gives a bank subsequently shrink, the bank asks to develop business to offer more pawn estate units again, bring about “ to be able to make work thereby unit ” decreases.

In addition, development business still can make pledge with house property, to borrow or lend money of illicit collect fund, perhaps cover through property of other channel guaranty take ready money, these bring about “ possibly to be able to make work unit ” decreases considerably.
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