Office building 5A evolves into 5O zoology to change the software park to make z

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Office building 5A evolves into 5O zoology to change the software park to make zoology office building

As the drawing near of computer division, the reporter discovers yesterday, appeared in the software park a new trend: Office building changes what change to 5O zoology to evolve by 5A intelligence, software park of Chengdu heart division is a typical delegate. Since today, we will be right this one new trend undertakes base of research and development of 5O course headquarters series reports and be discussed deep.

All the time since, 5A intelligence changed office building to reflect the pursuit of advanced office building to efficient office, but come nearly 10 years, advanced office building can not satisfy the urban district that more and more enterprises feel traditional well the long-term demand of the enterprise, a lot of office building lack natural zoology environment generally to the person placatory. Be in for a long time pressing model the job below the environment, devoid zoology environment is right of pressure slow, bring about a lot of entrepreneur, researcher, administrator to contract all sorts of disease, cause employee work efficiency low, can last what affect a business healthy progress. A few preeminent companies, emphasize particularly on especially the company of new and high technology that research and development innovates, more and more feel too emphasize particularly on efficiency and the higher demand that ignored the space with measurable easy to satisfy oneself very hard.

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