Beijing of a week after the Central Bank lowers interest one, secondhand room ma

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Yesterday, come from Beijing estate to hand in the statistical data of easy website to show, lower interest a week comes, day of bridal chamber market all signs about 200.2, than lowering interest eve all signs about 114 to rise 70% ;

Secondhand room respect, the statistic of orgnaization of intermediary of capital much home shows, secondhand last week the advisory quantity of the room relatively a week before lowering interest increased nearly 40% , entrusted a quantity to increase 30% , clinch a deal the quantity increased nearly 15% .

Although be in “ double fall ” policy comes on stage one week later, the building city of the capital experienced “ double go up ” , but inside course of study to hind city however not very value.

“ negotiable securities trades after stamp duty unilateral is collected, in confidence of heavy model stock market while, flow into the capital of building city originally in the billabong on certain level necessarily. The place in ” produces general manager Li Wenjie to think, the action that lower interest just just is shown, the interest good news of the stock market sprinkled a cold water to building city again however.

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