"Thunderstorm " can you deny concussion China economy? Price of office building

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"Thunderstorm " can you deny concussion China economy? Price of office building house or accelerate adjust

The United States second borrow crisis enlightenment we, must pay close attention to market of our country estate closely to go further situation, analyse active housing to development borrows money and mortgage loan management system afresh, utmost ground reckons estate bubble burst causes the possibility of large-scale bad loan.

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Foreign capital undersell is in China property

Of “ Lei Man go bankrupt, won't produce materiality effect to our country economy, but the in some way will be more obvious. Yi Xianrong of researcher of institute of finance of ” the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is being accepted " the market signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, say.

Yi Xianrong expresses, as a result of second borrow the crisis to involve an area wider, american economy appears possibly this year flat, affect foreign trade situation of China then. The change of situation of imports and exports affects domestic economic policy directly make. Look from domestic estate market, continuously depressed the management risk that affected banking, adjust the generation that also can initiate bank credit break a contact for a long time of estate market, cause an effect to economic progress thereby.

“ is specific to the immediate impact to estate, want to see the scale that estate of our country of Lei Man hold invests. If scale is larger, that effect is very apparent. Although scale is not large, regard the United States as famous investment bank, its insolvency, can hit the confidence of investor, the usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price that can accelerate abroad to invest an orgnaization is covered now, can stagnant to home estate market produces bigger effect. If the sea tells,finance of university of finance and economics learns associate professor Cai in the center of ” " the market signs up for " reporter. He expresses, if the cadre divides those who sell future to receive,Lei Man's brother also will be become by fractionation dish person, include a few business that are in China; A few finance orgnaizations of foreign can be adopted answer measure.

Be being analysed with Cai Ruhai, of abroad a few cast planning a good deal of undersell to be in all right China property.

According to the report, wall street is famous Magenshidanli plans investment bank sell the partial residence item that is in Shanghai, the type of many 100 hotel that includes the area of new scope of operation with high hire serves apartment. Magenshidanli purchased the property item of the region of new scope of operation that this the plan sells 2003, it is to should go in brushstroke of prior of Shanghai landed market significant investment. This the action changes big rub do not take the way that gives ” before this 5 years only in “ of Chinese estate market.
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