Land market continues to drop in temperature

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From this year the beginning of the year begins, beijing has a lot of buildings dish different level land develops sales promotion activity, buy a room to send a car, send travel, send property cost to wait favourable measure by no means an isolated case a moment. Enter first half of the year, with Qing Dynasty of ” of “ end room, “ dish the special offer room that ” name rolls out appears again and again, the range of the discount is bigger and bigger also, according to reporter understanding, lowermost discount already was broken through 7 fold. Market personage points out, from apparently look, beijing is at present new dish sale all price has not dropped, but many buildings dish the “ that borrows all sorts of name to carry out is dark fall ” activity already grew in intensity.

Mid-autumn eve, ocean is located in below landed banner the Lou Panyuan inside 5 annulus silvers coin on the west landscape, with “ the ad slogan of ” of 7 great gifts rolls out room of 100 special offer mid-autumn, lowest 7 fold sell. The reporter understands in the selling office, special offer room that roll out the distant view cabinet with the best character in belonging to ocean landscape, brunt door for the 140 three-room flat to 150 square metre, lottery is used to make the way that change on the sale. Personnel of carry out building tells a reporter, on September 20, ocean landscape still will roll out the special offer room of cabinet of 80 distant view, lowermost discount is 8 fold.

And the Lou Panxin that is located in same area allows time, also rolled out a batch recently 8 break special offer house, valence is 13500 yuan since / square metre, every square metre falls continuously 3500 yuan. According to not complete count, in order to receive the name mid-autumn, the capital is hit fold sales promotion project to amount to more than 30.

Beijing estate research organization inferior a person of extraordinary powers seeks advice from vise general manager Introduction Wang Ying male, at present of Beijing dozen break a floor dish basically have 3 sort model. The first kind is end room depreciates, for instance east the horizon outside 5 annulus - project of garden of every phenomenon golf, room of its large family end repackage, with every phenomenon - the case name of Ba Degong contain is rolled out, the price falls 13000 yuan before to continuously from this 8960 yuan. The 2nd kind is lump-sum payment gives exceed low discount. And the 3rd kind is pure new dish low enters town. Be located in for instance on the west of 3 annulus protect interest - liliaceous garden and be located in south of 2 annulus in letter city, direct with under circumjacent project 2000-3000 yuan / of square metre all price open quotation.

The closest period of time, room of Beijing special offer is rolled out again and again, the personage inside course of study thinks this is the main measure that estate business pushs person of city rising a floor to enrage. Beijing develops business to say frankly to the reporter, since this year, sale lasts atrophic, had created very great outstanding achievement pressure to estate company, look forward to of not little room can pass the opportunity of 10 ” of “ Jin Jiuyin, choose all sorts of means to adjust the price, accelerate a sale with steam again capital.
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