Deficit crosses SOHO China first half of the year after Shi Ge of 100 million Pa

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Deficit crosses SOHO China first half of the year after Shi Ge of 100 million Pan says, go to work by bike

We want “ to be made an appointment with in each link division, go to work can cycle do not drive, make from me. ” last week 5, be in " the letter that sends SOHO China collectivity to work in the same place " in, SOHO China (Pan Shige writes 00410.HK) president. And before a few hours, SOHO China just publishs report of metaphase outstanding achievement, net first half of the year loss surpasses indication company 100 million yuan.

Last year October, build on epicycle estate company appears on the market the SOHO China of ” of “ last bus appears on the market successfully in Hong Kong. This year the big environment that catenary of capital of company of grumous with each passing day, estate is critical generally issues building city wait-and-see mood, pan Shige eats to be mixed into ZhongGuanCun SOHO with great quantity this year however sunny door SOHO two projects, be in high-key September announce to raise price, a series of this ways that return market cycle draw all circles heat to discuss, and half an year signs up for SOHO China to just also be paid close attention to closely by each this year.

Nevertheless, SOHO China the outstanding achievement report first half of the year is very awkward. The report shows, wool profit margin achieves SOHO China first half of the year this year 61% , relatively last year of the end of the year 55% have rise significantly, but according to relevant accounting standard, turnover comparatives mediumly to want to wait for the ability when financial year is terminative to come true partly, bring about net loss caustic to be 146 million yuan from this.

“ is based on company business property, our project is finishing in before 6 months that plan and may not of accrual enter an item in an account fall into financial year, the finance affairs that causes us is behaved and cannot mirror 100 percent in metaphase outstanding achievement come out. ” to such statistical result, zhang Xin of SOHO China CEO also not without the regret.

The data that Zhang Xin gives out at the same time shows, SOHO China the beginning of the year up to now open to booking amount to already achieved 6.6 billion yuan, predicting annual sales revenue will achieve 8 billion yuan, double was last year.

Nevertheless, pan Shige is high-key however a lot of, with metaphase outstanding achievement the report is announced lie between a few hours only, pan Shige writes a letter to encourage for employee. Pan Shige expresses, “2008 year our company is in the market is small sale task was overfulfiled below confused big environment, obtained the outstanding achievement that expect is less than, our adjustment had experienced the market examine, be proved to be correct. ”

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