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Countrywide building city is deep-set and wait-and-see lair nearly a year, and short-term inside it seems that all up extricate oneself, a few local government such as Chengdu, Changsha, Xi'an are can'ted restrain eventually, move in succession recently “ saves city ” . However, local government “ saves city ” policy to be oppugned generally however by market respect, consider as the “ that deviates from with administration intent photograph undeserved ” policy even.

Newest statistic shows, come this year in July, countrywide commodity housing sells an area 277 million square metre, drop compared to the same period exceeded very one of, the corresponding period, the city of key of a gleam of such as Beijing area of period room, sale showing a house has dropped compared to the same period half.

Restore market confidence to make building city get warm again after a cold spell reach, nearly a few months, a few local government blow a “ to save city ” agitation in succession: On May 4, shijiazhuang publishs measure of tax rate of commodity house privilege; On June 15, government of the Chengdu City is rolled out reduce housing accumulation fund loan head pays the decathlon measure such as scale to promote estate market to develop; On July 22, changsha comes on stage reduce secondhand the room trades duty, give secondhand the 4 old policy such as allowance of the person that the room buys a house ask city. Ever since, and other places of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenyang, Chongqing, Henan, Changzhou came on stage to relax in succession land sell one's own things, adjust accumulation fund, reduce tax, pursue a money allowance and reduce admittance doorsill to wait for a series of “ policy of warm city ” .

Especially on September 7, xi'an publishs the urban infrastructure of company of “ derate estate to build cost of form a complete set, right today bright two years buy room door to give allowance of certain proportion finance ” by total of the money that buy a house " a certain number of opinions that develop about restoring real estate " , local government “ the ” that help city is pushed to the climax.

Xi'an city publishs “ to help city ” policy the 3rd day, appear namely quantity nadir clinchs a deal since September. Up to now, local government prepares “ to save the act of ” building city, did not produce expect result, draw on a doubt of the market and criticism however.

Market of 8 years of 00 2 national estate adjusts “ to be affected to income of local government finance tremendous, the credit policy with constrictive together with causes the large-scale death of medium and small businesses, cause taxation difficulty. A personage inside course of study discloses ” , a few local government again and again the move that “ helps city ” is to hold high apparently card of the people's livelihood, reduce trade cost, allowance buys room person, it is stable estate market actually, avoid to affect local finance income.
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