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As Lei Man go bankrupt, nowadays, the United States 5 cast greatly put Gaocheng and Magenshidanli only all right, and latter big rub visit town of empty China building, the behavior of the item of partial concentration residence that the plan sells its are in Shanghai also more and more get attention. Stem from the concern of pair of banking crises, the reduction sale of foreign capital is in China project, whether do this drop those who cause Chinese estate price? How should be estate company of home answered again?

"Company now one cannot say for sure, selling these projects save oneself is understandable. But the trend of the estate market be issued to lower levels that this inevitable also meeting quickens home. "The country is beautiful Chen Yunfeng of general manager of the first city is being accepted " China produces classics news " when the reporter is interviewed, say.

So, is the United States cast be in on Chinese estate market all right why to plant the position? In fact, in wall street 5 cast greatly in travel, magenshidanli the company is a pace is the the fastest, latest to Chinese market ford to be in China. Begin from 2003, magenshidanli breaks below billions of yuan of RMB in Shanghai in succession, involve a domain to include apartment of type of commercial square, hotel, large office building and project development. World of bright and beautiful Lin is great rub at present on open market but target-seeking invests a project the first times.

2005, tall Cheng Ye moves its brushstroke business, with 107.6 million dollar (add up to a RMB about at that time 860 million yuan) the price bought Shanghai Fuzhou way 318 100 vacate a large building. 2007, it is 150 million dollar in order to make an appointment with (amount to RMB 1.14 billion yuan) price pass on.

The main way that as to Lei Man brotherly company shares Chinese estate market is to be Chinese land agent to offer " to cross bridge loan " , large quantities of land agent that are occurrence capital difficulty namely provide loan help. And the investment circumstance inside beautiful Lin Zaiguo, its means and big rub, Gao Cheng is same, with share hold praedial give priority to, before scale is relative both want small. But You Meilin of center of highest Lou Yintai notes Beijing endowment hold.

Be in domestic building city low below confused condition, latter United States is cast row in succession the phenomenon of undersell also more and more get attention. "This is the chain reaction that occurrence problem just produces the financial system that is based on the United States. Now, although Chinese economy did not blend in world economy completely, but also with world economy closely related. So the United States casts an undersell to be in China the estate market that the project also can affect country necessarily. "Chen Yunfeng expresses.

To this, triumphant fill via the Kang Sheng that assures slightly general manager expressed when accepting media to interview a few days ago, it is to buy the foreign capital of large property formerly to remove above all endowment, affect market demand directly; It is domestic development business next from foreign financing more difficult, no matter be equity financing, fund financing or type of those representing capital of other be in harmony, can have very big effect.
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